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Do Police Clean Up Crime Scenes

Dealing With A Death, Injury, Or Crime Scene

The traumatic experience of a homicide, suicide, or criminal injury can be overwhelming, but on top of all that, you have to deal with the cleanup. When dealing with a crime scene, the police and crime scene investigators will come in, take evidence, and investigate the area, at which point they’ll leave the rest up to you. The police will not clean up a crime. In most cases, the owner of the space will continue to occupy the area whether it be a home or business and therefore the area must be thoroughly cleaned, decontaminated, and restored to its original condition. Since the police won’t assist in this cleanup work, after a crime scene has been released to the owner, it must be cleaned and decontaminated by a professional cleanup company.

Cleaning Up A Crime Scene Should Be Done By Professionals

Many people, especially if there is a seemingly small amount of cleanup required, will attempt to take on the task of cleaning up the area themselves. Dealing with the cleanup yourself can be extremely risky. In most cases, the crime scene area will contain biohazardous materials like blood or other bodily fluids which can contain harmful pathogens. Removing these materials and properly disposing of them must be done correctly to avoid personal harm. Professional crime scene cleanup companies are trained and certified to not only deal with the stomach-turning mess, but to also safely remove, transport, and dispose of biohazardous materials.

Don’t Be Fooled By Seemingly Small Messes

All too often, a biohazardous mess such as a blood spill may seem like a simple, minute task to clean up. Unfortunately, in most cases, those seemingly small messes are actually quite extensive. If you were to notice a blood spill that’s only the size of a quarter on your rug, there is likely a square foot of blood-soaked flooring underneath. Since the police do not clean up crime scenes once they are done, it’s recommended to have a certified professional come in to clean and decontaminate the area. A professional would also know what to look for and be able to discover large contaminations that may have seemed like a very small mess.

Contact a professional in your area if you’re dealing with the cleanup of a crime scene. If you’re in Phoenix or Tucson, Arizona, contact BioTeamAZ today for assistance with biohazardous and crime scene cleanup services.

Crime Scene Clean Up Cost

The Task of Cleaning Up A Crime Scene

Unfortunately, after a crime scene has been investigated and evidence has been taken, the police will then return the area back to the owners and take no responsibility in regards to the cleanup. Dealing with the aftermath of such a situation can be extremely traumatic and having to handle the cleanup yourself during such a difficult time can be quite distressing. On top of all that, it is also important that the area is thoroughly clean and decontaminated via the proper equipment and expertise, therefore it’s typically a given that this task should be dealt with by a certified crime scene cleanup company.

The following influences the costs of crime scene cleanup:

  • Number of technicians needed.
  • How large the cleanup area is.
  • How long it will take.
  • How much biohazardous material needs to be removed.

Covering The Costs of A Crime Scene Cleanup Service

Fortunately, when dealing with the cleanup of a crime scene, most insurance policies for homeowners or business owners will cover all or most of the costs involving the cleanup of a crime scene. In most cases there are no out-of-pocket costs for cleanup, but on the off-chance that there is, most companies will provide some form of a payment plan. Depending on how much work needs to be done, many times the cost of a crime scene cleanup service is less than the insurance deductible and therefore many people will take on the cost on their own.

Need Assistance With Cleanup Service?

If you’ve been involved in a situation that requires professional crime scene cleanup service and/or need assistance in determining a price for the required work, BioTeamAZ would be happy to provide assistance. Again, in most cases, there are no out-of-pocket costs involved and no talk about payment will be made until after the cleanup task is completed. Naturally, the situation involving a death or injury can be a troubling experience, therefore we at BioTeamAZ put a high priority on offering the most compassionate and professional service while also offering affordable pricing on all of our services.

Click here to learn more about crime scene cleanup services.

What Is Biohazardous Waste?

Stay Safe & Avoid Biohazardous Waste

Being exposed to biohazardous waste can be very harmful to your health and it’s important to avoid it where possible. There are many different forms of biohazardous waste and many types are unknown to many people, therefore it’s important to understand what biohazardous waste is and the different types that exist to avoid harm to yourself or others. If you’re unsure whether something is biohazardous, it’s very important that you contact a professional to ensure the safe removal and disposal of said materials.

Biohazardous waste is any waste containing infectious materials or potentially infectious substances such as blood.

Different Types of Biohazardous Waste

  • Human blood and blood products – Serum, plasma and other blood components.
  • Human bodily fluids – Semen, vaginal secretions, cerebral spinal fluid, synovial fluid, pleural fluid, pericardial fluid, peritoneal fluid, amniotic fluid, and saliva from dental procedures.
  • Microbiological wastes – Wastes from a laboratory that contain or have been contaminated with infectious agents.
  • Pathological waste – Human tissue, organs, and body parts.
  • Animal waste – Animal carcasses, body parts, and any bedding material used by animals which have been inoculated with human pathogenic microorganisms infectious to humans.
  • Sharps waste – Needles, blades, glass pipettes, and any other wastes that could cause injury during handling.

Disposing of Biohazardous Waste

If you’ve determined that a material is biohazardous, cleaning and disposing of that material should be done safely and professionally. Due to the potential risks involved with handling biohazardous waste, it is highly recommended to contact a licensed and certified biohazardous cleanup service. There are many regulations in place as to the proper transportation and disposal of biohazardous waste and therefore should be done by an experienced biohazardous waste management company.

For more information about the disposal of biohazardous waste, click here.

Who Cleans Up After A Crime Scene?

Getting Left With The Crime Scene Aftermath

Crime scenes, deaths or injuries often times result in contamination of the scene with biohazardous materials such as blood, bodily fluids, or toxins. Unfortunately, the police do not clean up after a crime scene or even offer any assistance in the matter. Once the police have taken evidence from the crime scene, the area is then returned to the owner, home or business, and it is then their responsibility to deal with the cleanup of the crime scene. When there are biohazardous materials involved it can be extremely dangerous to attempt to clean up or come in contact with anything in the area without professional experience and equipment.

Who Cleans Up After A Crime Scene

When biohazardous materials are involved in a crime scene, which is often the case, an authorized crime scene cleanup company would typically come in to clean up and decontaminate the area. A crime scene cleanup company is trained and certified to provide save cleanup services while using the proper equipment to ensure the safety of those involved. In most cases, when dealing with a crime scene, homeowners or business insurance will cover the majority of the cost involved with hiring a crime scene cleanup company.

Avoid Injury Or Additional Damage With Professional Service

Attempting to clean up a crime scene yourself could result in bodily harm and/or contraction of harmful pathogens and it’s important that you contact a professional, certified crime scene clean up company. Improper cleanup can also result in additional damage when the scene isn’t thoroughly cleaned and decontaminated. Oftentimes, there can be lingering smells, biohazardous materials which have soaked into floors or furniture, or other damage which may be neglected if not properly cleaned. To avoid personal injury contact an authorized cleanup company if you’re dealing with the aftermath of a crime scene.

For more information about crime scene cleanup click here.

Who Removes Dead Animals From Homes

Animal Control Isn’t Offering Much Help?

As you may have already learned, animal control will only come out if the animal poses an immediate threat and unfortunately they don’t consider a dead animal a threat. Dead animals, or even animal fecal matter, can not only cause unbearable smells, it can also spread harmful pathogens which should be avoided at all costs. If you want to completely remove the awful smell that’s caused by the dead animal, it is also very important that all bodily fluids or contaminated materials be removed and the area be decontaminated or else the smell will continue to linger long after the animal carcass is removed.

So Who Removes Dead Animals From Homes?

Well, there are probably a dozen different animal or pest control services within your area and many of them may offer animal removal services. Unfortunately, many of these companies aren’t experienced with and/or don’t have the equipment necessary to thoroughly decontaminate the area. For best results, it’s advised to contact a biohazardous cleanup company who is authorized by the state to remove and dispose of biohazardous materials. Unfortunately, it is typically very difficult to determine if the dead animal was in contact with or carried any pathogens that are harmful to humans, and therefore every situation should be handled with caution to avoid coming in contact with potentially lethal pathogens.

Need An Animal Removed From Your Home?

If you’re dealing with a situation involving a dead animal that’s stinking up your home, then give BioTeamAZ a call today to have our certified technicians restore your home to its original state. We’re certified in the state of Arizona for the safe removal and disposal of biohazardous materials including animal carcasses or any other potentially harmful materials.

Give us a call and eliminate that awful smell from your home today.

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