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Arizona COVID-19 Cases on the Rise

AZ Covid-19 Cases Rising
COVID-19 cases are once again on the rise in Arizona. After a large rise and fall in people being infected with coronavirus in June and July, we are currently experiencing another upward trend when over the last 14 days, 11 of them have had caseloads over 1,000 people. The numbers have further risen the last several days with cases going over 2,000 each day. These statewide trends follow the alarmingly high caseloads occurring throughout much of the United States.

Arizona heading for a second spike of coronavirus cases

As of November 8th, Arizona is at the highest rate of infection we have seen since the peak this summer. Though our numbers are still far below what they were then, our current rate of infection is 22.7 per 100,000 people and our test positivity rate for the last seven days, according to John Hopkins University, is 13.6%. This infection rate is current the 18th highest rate in the country. A positive test rate of 5% and below is a good indicator the disease is under control.

Since the start of the pandemic back in March, Arizonians have experienced 259,699 cases and 6,164 deaths as of November 8th, an unimaginable number when the pandemic started.

Hospitalizations are on their way up

Once infection rates start to rise, it is only a matter of weeks for hospitalizations and deaths to also go up. As individuals become sicker and need greater care, more hospital beds are filled with COVID-19 cases and more people are put on ventilators. At the peak of cases this summer, over 3,000 people were being cared for in hospitals after contracting the virus. The current number is around 1,233 people.

Prevention Guidelines

Despite the rise in cases, there are no additional prevention guidelines except to continue keeping your guard up against the disease. According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control), the best ways to protect yourself and your loved ones include:

  • Wash your hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds
  • Avoid touching your eyes, mouth, and nose
  • Stay home when sick
  • Avoid close contact with those outside of your household, especially anyone who is sick
  • Cover your coughs and sneezes with a tissue, then throw it away
  • Disinfect frequently touched surfaces
  • Use a mask to cover your mouth and nose

Coronavirus Disinfection

If you’ve had people with positive COVID-19 test results on your Arizona property, one of the best things you can do to prevent further infection is to have all surfaces disinfected. With the latest technology in infectious disease cleanup and disinfection, our staff at BioTeamAZ work quickly to make sure all surfaces are thoroughly cleaned and the viruses killed. Available 24/7, you can count on us to be there for you whenever you need us.

By working together, taking preventative measures, disinfecting infected areas, and keeping social distance, we can prevent the case numbers from going as high as they were this last summer and protect ourselves and our loved ones.

If you have any questions or need immediate infectious disease cleanup, give us a call at (602) 770-4972.

Deadly Shooting in Chandler

Murder in Chandler, Arizona
It is a sad reality that sometimes people make horrible choices and take the life of another person. When that happens, our staff at BioTeamAZ are always there to clean up the aftermath so no one else has to suffer harmful effects of the biohazards at the crime scene.

In one recent incident last week, a man was shot and killed in Chandler, Arizona. After the police received a call from someone reporting their friend had been shot, the first responders found a 25 year old man with multiple gunshot wounds to his torso lying in the parking lot outside of an apartment complex near Arizona Avenue and Queen Creek Road. The young man was immediately taken to a hospital where he later died.

Using surveillance video taken during the time of the shooting, the police saw a car circling the gates of the apartment complex several times before the victim approached the vehicle. While the man spoke with the driver of the car, another person suddenly got out of the backseat and shot the victim several times before reentering the vehicle and speeding off.

When investigating the scene of the crime, the police found an envelope that had fallen out of the vehicle in question. Upon further investigation, they found it belonged to the suspect’s girlfriend who is known to drive a vehicle matching the one involved in the homicide. This led them to arrest a 19 year old man who told police that he, his 13 year old brother, and two other suspects drove to the apartment complex that night with the intent to rob a young woman after completing a drug deal for marijuana wax and cartridges that had been arranged previously. When they arrived, however, instead of a young woman, they were met by the 25-year-old man instead.

The suspect was arrested and now faces a charge of first-degree murder. It is not known if others have been arrested as well.

Crime Scene Cleanup Needed

After an event such as this, emergency crime scene cleanup in Chandler is essential for the safety of anyone in the area. Between the blood, drug paraphernalia, and gun powder residue, the crime scene is a dangerous place to be for those untrained in personal protection and blood cleanup. Not only does the visible blood need to be cleaned and the area decontaminated, but all the places the blood could have gone unseen must be cleaned as well. If thorough biohazard cleaning does not occur and the infected materials legally disposed of as medical waste, a person can unknowingly become infected with bloodborne pathogens such as HIV, Hepatitis B and C, among others. If the crime is committed indoors, professional crime scene cleanup becomes especially important. If all biohazards and investigative chemicals are not found and fully removed, then fluids and body matter can soak through building layers and damage the structure while giving off a horrible odor.

A crime scene cleaning company trained in proper biohazard cleanup knows how to completely eradicate biohazards from any environment quickly and with professionalism. With experience and industrial-grade cleaners, they can quickly clean out all the biohazards, legally dispose of all infected materials while strictly adhering to all local rules and regulations, and make sure the property is thoroughly clean, odor-free, and safe.

BioTeamAZ is here for property owners for crime scene cleanup

If you are a homeowner or have rental property in the Chandler area or surrounding communities, BioTeamAZ is always here for you any time you need us. A tragedy such as this is terrible enough for those whose lives are forever altered. It does not need to continue wreaking havoc in the lives of others. Protect yourself from all legal liability due to improper cleanup by having the blood and other bodily fluids cleaned professionally from the crime scene by professional crime scene cleaners who know how to restore the area to what it looked like before the event occurred.

Our thoughts are with those who lost their loved one in this tragedy.

Arizona Biohazard Cleaning Company Uses Unmarked Vehicles

Unmarked Biohazard remediation Van

Unmarked Trucks

When our biohazard cleaning crew from BioTeamAZ pulls up to your Arizona home or business, it will always be in an unmarked vehicle driven by people in plain uniforms. With no logos or business descriptions on the sides of our vehicles, not even that neighbor across the street who keeps an eye on all the comings and goings of the neighborhood will know what is going on in your home.

We keep prying eyes away

There are times in our lives when we need strong support from those nearby and there are other moments when our privacy is of prime importance. One such time when privacy is needed is if you require biohazard cleanup at your home or business. In those moments, it is never a good time to have to answer unneeded questions. Whether the needed cleaning is due to a suicide, crime, drug lab, hoarding, or infectious diseases contamination, prying eyes is the last thing you want around when you are already feeling overwhelmed and upset.

By using unmarked vehicles and wearing plain uniforms along with coming around the back way whenever possible, we do our best to be discreet and quiet as we work quickly to complete our task.

Protect your business’s reputation

Every business owner knows it takes extraordinarily little to damage a good reputation after working hard for years to build it up. With the possibility of rumors running rampant and passerby asking intrusive questions, we do our best to protect you, your staff, and customers from anything people might say after seeing a biohazard cleaning truck at your place of business here in Arizona. With nothing around to advertise our presence, we work hard to keep a low profile while cleaning and removing biohazardous waste from your place of business.

At times, it can be beneficial for people to know the property has been fully cleaned by licensed biohazard cleaners after an event took place that was publicized in the news such as a shooting outside your store or an infectious disease outbreak. In many other cases, however, discretion and privacy is key to maintaining your reputation as a safe and clean business. At BioTeamAZ, we strive to help you in this however we can by not attracting unwanted attention so you can get back to regular business as quickly as possible.

BioTeamAZ puts your needs first

Any quality biohazard cleaning business will always put your needs first. At BioTeamAZ, we work hard to take care of any biohazard problem you may be having. Whether it is in your private home, rental property, or business, we know how to help protect your reputation and your privacy so you can live in peace and safety for years to come.

Urine And Feces Cleanup After A Fall

Urine and Feces Cleanup After A Fall

Bio Team AZ is Here When you Fall and Can’t Get Up

With so many older adults at home by themselves it is a common occurrence for someone to fall and not be found for days. In our work as biohazard cleaners, we come across many of these tragic scenes. They are far more common than you would think. One recent scene we cleaned up after was in an older adult’s home where she fell while by herself. She laid there alone for three days before finally being found and taken to the hospital. The area where she laid needed urine and feces cleanup as well as odor removal.

Bodily Fluids Soak Through the Building Structure

When any biohazard such as urine, feces, blood, or bodily fluids, are left on a floor or carpet for a period of time, the fluids follow the flow of gravity and find their way through multiple layers of building materials. In this case, we had to remove the carpet and carpet pad, both thoroughly contaminated, to treat the cement slab below. After the cement was disinfected and sealed, the new carpet pad and carpet could then be installed. In addition, we cleaned the laminate and made sure no urine or feces found their way into any other parts of the building structure so nothing was left behind. Lastly, we removed all the lingering odor so the home was safe to occupy.

Biohazard Cleaning is About the People We Serve

Biohazard cleaning isn’t just a business to us. Behind every job we do are the people whose lives are affected by the quality of our work. No matter what the task, however big or small it may be, we always have in mind the families who live or work on that property. We know that their health and well-being is dependent on the quality of our biohazard cleaning and so we always go beyond expectations to make sure the job is done well and the people we serve are treated with kindness and compassion.

We Make Homes Safe For Our Neighbors

Though we have not met the lady who fell in person, it is easy to imagine her embarrassment and relief when she was finally found. The three days she spent on the floor must have been difficult, indeed, and our hearts go out to her. Though we can’t take away what happened to her, we knew what we could do was to thoroughly clean the area so it was safe along with creating a pleasant smell so she could return home in peace and comfort.

We Respect Your Privacy

We arrive in unmarked vehicles to respect your privacy. We leave it up to you to decide what to share with your neighbors and friends. We also want you to know that you are not alone. These things happen all the time and when they do, we are to help.

Insurance Covers Damage From Falls

If a building structure is damaged as a result of an elderly person falling in their home, most property insurance policies cover the cost of biohazard cleaning and restoration of the property. While you would need to check on the details of the policy, we gladly work with insurance carriers and can even file the claim on your behalf. At a time when you need to be focused on helping your loved one on their road to recovery, paperwork is the last thing you should have to handle. Therefore, we try to make it as easy and painless as possible.

Check On the Elderly in Your Life

While it is easy to focus on our own families and close friends during this time, make it a habit to keep checking on older friends, family members, and neighbors. We all need a helping hand from time to time and you may make the world difference for someone who needs to be found.

Suicide in Cave Creek

Cave Creek, Arizona

No matter where you live, whether in Cave Creek, Arizona, or in the heart of Phoenix, life can feel overwhelming at times to the point of despair. Especially in recent months with the upheaval around COVID-19, lost jobs, and political unrest, it can be hard to see the end of the tunnel when we will recover a new sense of normalcy.

For a growing number of people, these challenges have seemed particularly dark and some folks have made the choice to end their lives by committing suicide. In recent months, nearby Pima County has seen a higher rate of suicides, likely related to stress from COVID-19. For those who have loved them, grief and loss fills the space where their loved ones once resided.

Many in Cave Creek, Arizona, will remember a time back in 2018 when 31 teenagers from the East Valley committed suicide in the span of 15 months. With families and networks of friends left devastated, hardly any communities were left unaffected by this terrible loss. One homicide detective shared how he dreaded having to tell parents or relatives their loved ones committed suicide. While we at BioTeamAZ do not have to break the news to families, we do see the looks on their faces afterwards when we arrive to clean up the bodily fluids after a suicide so they can begin the grieving process in a clean environment.

Between the isolation, financial difficulties, and lack of personal support, we know many in Cave Creek may be struggling during this time and considering suicide. We urge you to pause, reach out, and remember that even a lot of issues compiled together hardly ever dictates what your tomorrows will be. Life is full of all kinds of changes and surprises.

While our staff at BioTeamAZ are dedicated to providing fast and thorough suicide cleanup to our neighbors in Cave Creek, we would much rather know people are reaching out and finding the help they need to wake up to a new day. If you ever need a shoulder to lean on, there are multiple resources you can turn to for a listening ear who can help you make it through:

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