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Urine And Feces Cleanup After A Fall

Urine and Feces Cleanup After A Fall

Bio Team AZ is Here When you Fall and Can’t Get Up

With so many older adults at home by themselves it is a common occurrence for someone to fall and not be found for days. In our work as biohazard cleaners, we come across many of these tragic scenes. They are far more common than you would think. One recent scene we cleaned up after was in an older adult’s home where she fell while by herself. She laid there alone for three days before finally being found and taken to the hospital. The area where she laid needed urine and feces cleanup as well as odor removal.

Bodily Fluids Soak Through the Building Structure

When any biohazard such as urine, feces, blood, or bodily fluids, are left on a floor or carpet for a period of time, the fluids follow the flow of gravity and find their way through multiple layers of building materials. In this case, we had to remove the carpet and carpet pad, both thoroughly contaminated, to treat the cement slab below. After the cement was disinfected and sealed, the new carpet pad and carpet could then be installed. In addition, we cleaned the laminate and made sure no urine or feces found their way into any other parts of the building structure so nothing was left behind. Lastly, we removed all the lingering odor so the home was safe to occupy.

Biohazard Cleaning is About the People We Serve

Biohazard cleaning isn’t just a business to us. Behind every job we do are the people whose lives are affected by the quality of our work. No matter what the task, however big or small it may be, we always have in mind the families who live or work on that property. We know that their health and well-being is dependent on the quality of our biohazard cleaning and so we always go beyond expectations to make sure the job is done well and the people we serve are treated with kindness and compassion.

We Make Homes Safe For Our Neighbors

Though we have not met the lady who fell in person, it is easy to imagine her embarrassment and relief when she was finally found. The three days she spent on the floor must have been difficult, indeed, and our hearts go out to her. Though we can’t take away what happened to her, we knew what we could do was to thoroughly clean the area so it was safe along with creating a pleasant smell so she could return home in peace and comfort.

We Respect Your Privacy

We arrive in unmarked vehicles to respect your privacy. We leave it up to you to decide what to share with your neighbors and friends. We also want you to know that you are not alone. These things happen all the time and when they do, we are to help.

Insurance Covers Damage From Falls

If a building structure is damaged as a result of an elderly person falling in their home, most property insurance policies cover the cost of biohazard cleaning and restoration of the property. While you would need to check on the details of the policy, we gladly work with insurance carriers and can even file the claim on your behalf. At a time when you need to be focused on helping your loved one on their road to recovery, paperwork is the last thing you should have to handle. Therefore, we try to make it as easy and painless as possible.

Check On the Elderly in Your Life

While it is easy to focus on our own families and close friends during this time, make it a habit to keep checking on older friends, family members, and neighbors. We all need a helping hand from time to time and you may make the world difference for someone who needs to be found.

Is Human Feces a Biohazard?

Is Human Feces A Biohazard?

When taking a walk, we all know not to touch any animal feces we come across but don’t think twice about cleaning up after our own pets. In the same way, we don’t hesitate to clean up after our family but wouldn’t touch any feces if we were cleaning up after a homeless camp or a trashed rental. So who would do that kind of cleaning and are feces a biohazard? Could you call a regular cleaning company or do you need to call a biohazard cleanup company to come take care of it?

Biohazards are any material that can possibly contain infectious diseases. For example, human feces can contain diseases such as C. diff, Hepatitis A and E, Giardia, E coli, Cholera, and Norovirus so, yes, human feces are a biohazard. These diseases can be dangerous and even fatal so it’s important to take the proper precautions when dealing with such material. While some regular cleaning companies are willing to clean minimal amounts of urine and feces, professional biohazard cleanup companies such as BioTeamAZ are specifically trained to safely and thoroughly clean up biohazards such as bodily fluids, urine, feces, viruses, and bacteria.

Human Feces Is A Biohazard, But Not A Regulated Medical Waste

Since human fecal matter is only classified as a biohazard and not medical waste, you can throw it away in the regular trash. However, if the poop contains blood, then it does become classified as medical waste and may not be thrown away in the regular trash. Whoever owns the property is legally liable for any damages or any illness resulting from improper cleanup and disposal of the poop. So your best bet is to call a professional to clean up the feces to ensure that the area is completely cleaned, decontaminated and sanitized.

It’s Not Advisable to Clean up the Human Feces Yourself

Because of all the potential biohazards that may be contained in poop, cleaning up after human feces can be dangerous work. It takes specific skills, equipment, and cleaners to make sure all feces have been removed, the area properly cleaned, and yourself protected through the whole process. If you are facing the task of cleaning up human feces in a homeless encampment, a trashed rental, a hoarded home, or after a sewage backup, hire a company trained in the proper procedures and leave it to them to complete the work. In such unsanitary conditions, the chances of the feces carrying various diseases are much higher than they otherwise would be – diseases with which you and your loved ones don’t want to come into contact. Once the feces are removed, a professional company will also have the equipment and skills needed to permanently eliminate any lingering odor. You will then have peace of mind the area is free of all biohazards and is now fresh and clean.

Don’t Rely On Regular Household Cleaning Products

When it comes to the cleaning products we can buy in a store, they are limited in the amount of bacteria and viruses they are able to kill. Professional cleaners opt instead for industrial grade chemicals that kill off a higher percentage of pathogens. Make sure that what you’re using is strong enough for what you’re using it for and follow all directions.


If you have any questions about the cleanup of human feces or urine, give us a call and we’ll be happy to help in any way we can.

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