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Best Sewage Backup Cleanup in Arizona

It sometimes starts as gurgling sounds in the plumbing or a constant faint sound of running water, but when you go down to your basement and find it filled with dark waters containing toilet paper, feces and other items you can’t distinguish, you know you are in trouble.

When the raw sewage backs up into the house, floods the basement or the bathrooms, it poses not only comfort and aesthetics problem, but a real health hazard. When a sewer line backs up in a house or a building it may be a collection of many people’s sewers and diseases.

Using an extractor and household disinfectant are not the best methods to ensure the area is free of health hazards. Sewer water can travel under flooring, be absorbed into the walls and seep inside appliances.

Sewage Backups Cleanup is Done in 4 Stages

  1. Extracting the sewage water and debris. This has to be done with special equipment and transported to an approved site.
  2. Removing and disposing of any absorbent materials that came in contact with the sewage. That includes carpets and furniture. In some cases, walls are also included in the absorbent materials. All debris must be bagged correctly since it is consider biohazard.
  3. Cleanup procedure using power washers, disinfectants and brushes.
  4. Structural drying and dehumidification.

BioTeamAZ is The Best Sewage Cleanup Company in Phoenix, AZ

With emergency lines open 24/7 and experienced crews, BioTeamAZ will perform all of those stages in a highly professional manner. Cleaning up raw sewage is a messy, dirty job, and it’s better left to the professionals. If it’s done incorrectly it can put your and your family’s health in risk.

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