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Clutter Cleanup

Arizona Clutter Cleanup

Whether it’s a garage stuffed with boxes, your living room overrun with clutter, or a storage locker you haven’t looked at in years, numerous people in Arizona have more belongings than they can handle.

Perhaps you:

  • want to be able to park your car in your garage but are facing a wall of boxes
  • need to clean up your property before putting it on the market
  • are a landlord needing to clean up after a tenant
  • feel overwhelmed with the amount of belongings in your home
  • have a storage locker or outdoor building full of items you don’t want
  • lost a loved one and need to sort through their belongings

No matter the situation, as the trusted clutter cleanup service throughout Arizona, here at BioTeamAZ, we offer efficient clean up and fast results so you can focus on making a new start.

Why Hire Professionals for Clutter Clean Up?

When digging into clutter of unknown origins or clutter that’s been sitting for a long period of time, there can be dangerous health hazards hidden underneath the top layers. Forgotten belongings and cardboard are prime locations for mice, insects, and rodents to flourish unseen, thereby soaking items with the urine and feces they leave behind. Combined with the dangers of mold and sharp objects, the health hazards compound for anyone sorting through the items.

Here at Bio Team AZ, our experienced team are thoroughly trained in what to look for when sorting through the piles and how to use personal protective gear to protect ourselves. If bio hazards such as urine, feces, or animal remains are found, our staff will be able to clean and sanitize the area and decontaminate any salvageable items you wish to keep. Don’t put yourself in danger with the potentially long-lasting effects but hire the experts so you and your family stay safe.

In addition to the inherent dangers hidden in clutter is the emotional challenge of going through so many items. Depending on the amount of items to sort through, it can take a person weeks, months, or even years to sort through and discard unwanted belongings. Instead of going through that angst or letting the project hang over your head for an extended period of time, give yourself a break and rely on us to responsibly sort through the items while safely removing any and all hazards, freeing you to move forward.

Fast Clutter Free Solution

Whether you need moderate cleanup or are dealing with a heavy amount of clutter, Bio Team AZ provides a fast solution to your problem. We are here with an immediate response so you can rest easy and make a new start.

As soon as you call, we arrive in a nondescript van with plain uniforms so your information is confidential. Our experienced team will then discuss the situation with you, provide you with a free estimate, and then work quickly to sort, remove what you don’t want, and thoroughly clean the entire area so your home or business is restored.

Our clutter cleanup services include:

  • Valuables and Document Retrieval: Our team is well-trained in finding family keepsakes, sentimental items, photos, important documents, and lost belongings so you can be assured nothing of importance will be lost and everything you want will be saved.
  • Respectful and Compassionate Service: We understand clutter cleanup can be a sensitive time for an individual and how vulnerable it can be to let someone into your home. Our entire team is deeply respectful of every object we come across and treat every individual with the utmost respect and compassion.
  • Responsible Recycling: Whenever possible, we recycle or donate items you no longer wish to keep so as little ends up in a landfill as possible.
  • Bio hazardous Cleanup: If we come across any bio hazardous material, we will use industrial grade cleaners and professional equipment to clean it up and make sure the area is safe for all to use.
  • Odor Removal: If odor has become an issue with the lack of airflow in an area or as result of bio hazardous material in your Arizona home or business, we will remove the odor so the area smells fresh and clean.
  • Preparation for Sale: If you are looking to sell a property after cleaning it out, BioTeamAZ can deep clean the property when we’re finished so it’s ready for sale.

We are considered the best clutter cleanup company in Arizona. We here at Bio Team AZ understand that no two cleanouts are the same. Our staff will take the time to tailor a solution to your specific needs. We also provide hoarding cleanup services, so regardless of how much clutter you have, we are well equipped to help you.

Fully licensed, bonded, and insured, you can rest easy knowing you’re in reliable hands.

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Call Bio Team AZ today with any questions you may have or to schedule a free estimate. With Bio Team AZ, you can be free of the clutter and onto living the life you want.

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