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Homeless Camp Cleanup

Homeless encampments are being erected throughout Arizona due to the rise in the number of homeless people who are in need of shelter. The size of the encampments vary depending on the AZ location. The homeless encampments we come across range from the individual who has taken up residence behind buildings and along freeways to larger groups of homeless people who have converged on a larger open area. Not only can these homeless encampments create a nuisance and liability, but also will create a biohazardous situation posing health hazards that need to be addressed.

How We Cleanup the Homeless Encampament

  • Remove and dispose of all debris including makeshift shelters
  • Remove and dispose of all needles, sharps, drugs, and paraphernalia
  • Remove and decontaminate all biohazards, including, but not limited to
    • feces
    • urine
    • vomit
    • blood
    • spoiled food
    • garbage
  • Decontaminate and clean area to ensure health and safety

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Biohazards Removed From the Homeless Encampment

Homeless encampments are often contaminated with biohazards, such as hypodermic needles , blood, feces, urine, and drugs and other paraphernalia. These biohazards pose a significant health and safety risk to occupants as well as others who are around or may come in contact with the area. Biohazards, especially in public places, require prompt cleanup by trained professionals who are trained to safely remove the contaminated items and properly dispose of the biohazards, sharps, and soiled items while also decontaminating the area.

Why Choose Us?

It’s not worth exposing your employees to infection or your company to lawsuits for improperly handling the homeless encampment cleanup. If you have a homeless encampment on your property or around your facility, it should be professionally cleaned.

We can also help guide you through the process to rid the property of the temporary residents and secure it to enable professional and safe cleanup.

Call Bio-One Arizona for fast and professional service to clean up and remove the homeless encampment. We operate 24/7 and can provide service during or after business hours to meet your needs and get you back in business.

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Arizona’s Homeless Encampment Clean Out Experts

We are Arizona’s Homeless Encampment Clean Out Experts. Our technicians are trained and adhere to Arizona’s Department of Health Services and OSHA regulations. We work with all major insurance companies, who often cover professional cleanup services. We will clean up the area quickly and professionally. Bio-One Arizona specializes in cleaning out and decontaminating homeless encampments on both public and private property.

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Central (602) 770-4972 • Northern (928) 203-6744 • Southern (520) 333-6234

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(602) 770-4972  •   (928) 203-6744
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