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Tear Gas Treatment

Arizona Tear Gas Cleanup

If your home or business has been hit with tear gas, it’s extremely important to take these precautions right away:

  • Turn off the HVAC system immediately
  • Close all windows (or board them up if broken) and seal the doorways of all affected areas with thick plastic.
  • Don’t let any people or animals into the affected areas

What is tear gas?

Tear gas is a chemical suspended in air or oil (depending on the type) which affects a person or animal’s mucus membranes. Canisters of tear gas are shot out of a gun and can thus break windows and rip into drywall thereby affecting the inner structure as well as the immediate area. Depending on the situation, police may shoot several canisters into an area at once. Symptoms of tear gas exposure include:

  • burning and watering eyes
  • coughing
  • difficulty breathing
  • chest pain
  • burning and irritation of skin

Leave tear gas cleanup to the professionals

Tear gas cleanup is a task to leave to professional cleaners who are experienced and well-trained in tear gas cleanup. Though the effects on a person usually dissipate after a time, tear gas in a structure never goes away unless professionally cleaned. Between the health hazards, the risk of cross-contamination, and not having the proper training and equipment to clean up tear gas, you are almost guaranteed to still have the substance around affecting your health if you try cleaning it up yourself.

How does Bio Team AZ clean up tear gas?

The very first step in tear gas cleanup is to protect ourselves from any and all ill effects. Thus, every team member wears personal protective gear and full face respirator masks throughout the cleanup. Next, we then take outside all removable material where it can be cleaned if salvageable or properly discarded if the tear gas cannot be removed.

As tear gas is a suspended particle in air or oil, once out of the canister, the particles eventually settle onto all available surfaces. Because of this, we work from the top down, using a HEPA vacuum to vacuum up the tiny particles (a regular house vacuum merely redistributes such small particles into the air), and we then use special industrial-grade cleaners to clean, disinfect, and sanitize all surfaces. If the gas canister tore through dry wall, we remove the affected material and seal the wood structures so no particles come back into the room. Finally, we’ll test the area to make sure all tear gas residue is removed and your home and business is safe to use.

Protect your business and loved ones

To protect yourself from any future liability and your family, friends, and employees from any ill health effects, call our expert team at Bio Team AZ to come in and remediate your Arizona property. Licensed by the state of Arizona, we are bonded and insured with years of experience in tear gas clean up. Using the latest technology in tear gas clean up, we will quickly show up whenever you call in a plain van and get right to work cleaning out the tear gas particles. We will gladly help you fill out the insurance paperwork as well.

Call us for easy cleanup

Call BioTeamAZ if you have a home, auto, or business needing quick and efficient tear gas cleanup and remediation.

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