Casa Grande Suicide Cleanup Service

Having a loved one struggle and then die by suicide is an awful grief for anyone to go through. You aren’t alone on this difficult road, though. Our caring and professional staff here at BioTeamAZ will walk with you through the cleanup and restoration process so you can grieve and start the journey of recovery.

Do I Need a Suicide Cleanup Company or Can I Do It Myself?

Dealing with the cleanup yourself or having a family member or friend who isn’t trained in bio hazardous cleanup, proper disposal of the material, and full restoration of the area can be deeply damaging both physically and emotionally for years to come. Whether it’s a home, business, or automobile, the bodily fluids left behind after a suicide can carry multiple diseases, viruses, and bacteria such as HIV, C. Diff, Hepatitis, and MRSA. These substances can be incredibly dangerous and are legally classified as bio hazardous material. Cleaning them up requires specialized safety equipment and professional-grade cleaners in order to dispose of the material properly.

With 24-hour assistance throughout Casa Grande and Pinal County, all you have to do is call day or night and we will show up at your home or business within the hour to completely clean and restore the area.

How Much Does a Suicide Cleanup in Casa Grande Cost?

In most cases, insurance will cover the cost of a suicide cleanup. Working directly with your insurance company, we will help initiate the claim and submit the required paperwork. In fact, the majority of our clients have no out of pocket expenses nor do we require any initial, upfront payment.

Will the Biohazard Cleanup Be Confidential?

Our experienced team respects your privacy and will show up in a plain, unmarked vehicle and non-descript uniforms. Knowing this is a sensitive and painful time, we treat all our clients with compassion and great discretion. Working hard to provide you with top-notch service, all your information is confidential, and we work fast to get your home or business restored and you on the path to recovery.

Why Casa Grande Families and Businesses Choose BioTeamAZ

As a local Arizona company, we understand the trust you place in us and so our technicians are held to the highest standards. Your peace of mind is important to us so the highest quality of service is our guarantee.

In order to make sure all hazardous waste is dealt with correctly, we always follow the rules and regulations set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and we follow all the legal biohazard disposal permit guidelines set forth by Casa Grande and Pinal County local statutes.

Contact BioTeamAZ Clean for Confidential Services

We are here to help you through this time of grief and will make the suicide cleanup process as fast and as easy as possible. Call us any time of day or night at (520) 829-4069 and our experienced team will arrive quickly at your Casa Grande location.

Our goal is your satisfaction and comfort. We always going the extra mile.


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