Mold Testing & Cleanup

Mold Testing & Cleanup

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Mold Testing & Cleanup Services Overview

Air quality levels in Arizona tend to be rated as moderate-to-positive for much of the year. However, as anyone with allergies knows, the dry air doesn’t stop dust, spores, and pollen from spreading. The sporadic rainfall we experience rarely lasts long enough for us to see any extended concerns regarding water damage and mold growth, but we still struggle with mold and allergen issues in other ways.

Some people have experienced a refrigerator compressor dying while they are away, coming home to a smelly, moldy mess. Others have found themselves feeling sick for no obvious reason, only to find out that they have a minor water leak behind a wall that has provided the perfect breeding ground for a respiratory-damaging mold colony.

Mold Testing

Some mold issues are easy to spot and identify, such as wet drywall behind appliances and greenish-black dusting of spores on the surface. Others can remain hidden and cause health problems for years before being discovered. On top of providing a visual inspection, our technicians are trained to take indoor air quality samples and provide you with an analysis of what is found in the air in your home or business.

If we find any readings that are concerning, we can help guide you through the process of decontaminating the property and your belongings. Certain allergens and bacteria are common and do not present any threat to the health of our families and pets. Others need to be addressed and dealt with immediately, and we will share with you the best ways to handle the problem and how to reduce the likelihood of recurrence.


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Mold Cleanup Process

Special care needs to be taken in mold cases to prevent spreading the mold spores to other locations. Some situations can be restricted to a small treatment area with proper containment measures. If there is a chance that the mold has already been spread to other areas, we will need to broaden the scope of the work.

  • Health and safety of our technicians are our top priority, so full PPE will be worn during service.
  • Our trained technicians will take every measure to remove the mold and its source while also eliminating the hazards presented by mold growth.
  • Throughout the service, we implement air quality control measures via the use of air filtration machines and negative air containment.
  • Following IICRC standards, we utilize EPA-approved fungicides to remove the physical mold growth, and we will also address any discoloration or staining that may be present due to the mold damage. Depending on the surface, we may be able to remove the stain or offer to seal the area so that it can be repainted in the future.

There are many options for antimicrobial and mold-resistant paints & primers. These are a good choice if there are concerns over future mold growth issues, but the first step will always be elimination/removal. Scheduled checks of areas around plumbing and appliances can give you a chance to find moisture issues before they become serious health concerns.

Related Services

Water Damage Cleanup

If your mold issue is related to a water damage problem, we can help. Water damage issues can be remediated without presenting a health risk to anyone in the area, but they need to be addressed immediately and by a professional.

Unattended Death Cleanup

If a body is allowed to decompose in an enclosed area, every surface is likely impacted by bacteria. In extreme cases, bodily fluids can create an environment where mold is able to grow and flourish. Mold growth related to decomposition increases the health risk factors exponentially.

Hoarding Cleanup

There are many unknowns in a home that is dealing with hoarding issues. Trash, clothing, or anything else piled up in a home can hide or even cause problems related to moisture build-up. A comprehensive plan of attack is required to safely remediate a home in need of hoarding cleanup.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can paint over mold, but this will not kill the mold that is present. Mold thrives in areas where moisture and temperature levels are aligned to encourage the fungus to grow. Mold-resistant paint can be used to prevent future mold growth, but only after the current mold colony has been destroyed AND the source of the moisture has been removed.

Absolutely! We will come out and take indoor air samples based on your needs, along with an air sample outside to provide a baseline air quality measurement. Once we have the test results back, we will go over them with you and discuss the next steps that we would recommend.

Mold and allergens are present in all facets of life. Some make people sick, some make people sneeze, and some have no affect at all. The affects can be different from person to person depending on your personal allergies. Lower levels of seemingly “mild” mold spores can be dangerous to people who have compromised immune systems. So while not all mold is dangerous all of the time, if you are having health issues due to mold, professional treatment may help you find some relief.

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