Odor Removal Services

Odor Removal Services

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Odor Removal Service Overview

The olfactory sense is believed to have the strongest relation to memory of any of the five human senses. Fresh cut grass, warm bread in the oven, or an Arizona summer rainstorm are all smells that may evoke a positive memory. Unfortunately, there are malodors that we encounter in our daily lives that can be just as powerful and equally unpleasant.

Cigarette smoke, pet urine or feces, body odor, and spoiled food are just a few of the smells that can attach themselves to our homes, vehicles, and property. Living with them can be unbearable, and properly dealing with them can be a challenge.

  • What is the cause of the odor?
  • Will the cause of the odor create more odor issues after treatment?
  • What is the size of the property we will be treating?
  • Are there popcorn/acoustic ceilings?
  • What type of flooring is in the property?

This information provides us valuable insight not only into how to treat the odor itself but also conditions that may be contributing to it.


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Odor Removal Process

After we have been able to determine the source of the odor and scope of the work, the odor removal process can begin.

  • Remove Odor Source – Main odor sources are normally easy to determine, usually consisting of kitty litter box, ash trays, moldy food, and/or soiled linens. Some sources, however, may require a more thorough inspection.

  • Treat or Remove Any Secondary Odor Sources – These are typically porous items that have absorbed the odors due to being near the initial source. Treatments include washing any clothes, bedding, curtains, etc. that seem to be holding the odor and disposing of soiled carpet/flooring.

  • Clean Impacted Areas – The type of cleaning required will be based on the cause of the odor:

    • Uric acid in cat urine needs to be neutralized and removed.
    • Mold must be eliminated with an appropriate fungicide.
    • Enzymes can be used to eliminate odors from human waste, prior to proper sanitization treatment.

Our odor removal techniques are backed up by the science of the products that we use and our extensive training. We intend to return your home or business to a neutral smell, not cover up the odor with air fresheners or masking agents that other companies use to hide the malodor. Our odor remediation services will eliminate the cause of the odor and provide your nose the relief it needs.

Related Services

Mold Testing & Cleanup

If the smells are related to mold growth, collection and analysis of an indoor air quality sample may be recommended. Knowing the type of mold in question will ensure that we provide the most effective service.

Vehicle Cleanup

Persistent odors in vehicles can ruin even a quick drive to the store. Our technicians are trained and equipped to help you deal with a wide range of smells that are stuck in your automobile, watercraft, even planes!

Hoarding Cleanup

No matter what is taking up space inside of a hoarded home, the potential for mystery odors is high. Finding the source of the odor is only the beginning, and we are available to help you out with the entire process from start to finish.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can, but this is only a temporary solution. There are many brands of paint and sealants that can help encapsulate odors like cigarette smoke, but eventually those options will dry out and crack and allow the odors to seep back out. The residue on the walls needs to be properly removed prior to painting any surfaces.

There are many factors that can make this type of odor difficult to treat. If there are still cats living in the home, they will continue to seek out and “spray” in the areas where they can still smell old urine. If the area in question is semi-porous and is left untreated or improperly treated, the area will become saturated beyond the point of cleaning. You may need to remove the flooring, drywall, curtains, etc., and start fresh.

Nope. We have seen and smelled things worse than most people can imagine. Unless you want us to tell you that it is the worst one ever. But we don’t have any prizes for that, sorry.

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