Hoarding Cleanup Services

Hoarding Cleanup Services

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Hoarding Cleanup Service Overview

Despite the popularity of some shows in the 2010s, hoarding is still an issue that many people are facing without help. A home that is cluttered with possessions, objects, and trash can present many hazards to its occupants. Unsanitary living conditions, fire hazards, insect infestations, and even injuries from tripping over the mess can threaten the wellbeing of anyone inside the home.

Discreet & Comprehensive Hoarding Cleanup

For the friends and family who are aware of the situation, undertaking the process of helping a person in this situation can become frustrating quickly. Attachments to possessions can make it very difficult for someone with hoarding behaviors to allow the reduction of volume and de-cluttering process to begin. Regardless of the situation, BioteamAZ will address your needs with dignity and compassion.


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Hoarding Cleanup Process

Frequently, friends and family members are unaware of the depths of the issue because of how well people will hide their hoarding tendencies. Guilt, shame, and embarrassment prevent people with hoarding-type behaviors from allowing others into their home. This is how a small problem can spiral out of control quickly.

  • Assessment – Each hoarding cleanup requires its own personalized assessment. The work can sometimes be drawn out over weeks depending on the scope of buildup that need to be removed, and the willingness of the parties involved. Some people need help from a professional organizer to go through a home, item by item, to assess each item’s personal value. Our focus is on reducing the volume of items and debris in a home to return it to a safe, livable space.

  • Safety & Cleanup – Due to the unknown nature of each hoarding cleanup, our team will utilize personal protective equipment including masks, gloves, and hazmat suits where necessary. The physical act of removal can uncover unexpected hazards that will need to be addressed accordingly. Some of the things we are concerned about during this service: infestations, mold, dead animals, drugs or drug paraphernalia, and anything else that may pose a risk to our health or safety.

  • Waste Disposal – Everything that is removed is transported and disposed of at the appropriate waste treatment facilities. The removal phase of the work can be mentally and emotionally exhausting for the resident and family. At the point that the volume of accumulated items has been reduced, a further assessment will be provided regarding the cleaning and sanitization needs of the property.

Related Services

Bodily Fluids Cleanup

Some hoarding situations are limited to trash or junk or items that may appear to have no value. If for any reason there are bodily fluids or human waste impacting the contents of the home, extra safety precautions will be necessary to complete the cleanout. We are prepared to handle any situation and return the home to a safe and habitable status.

Mold Testing & Cleanup

Excess buildup of any items or materials can mask other hazardous situations in a home. Under and behind the extra couches or stacks of newspaper could be old food or moisture providing fertile ground for mold to grow. Mold growth can be difficult to identify in a hoarded home. Improper removal of the contents could lead to further contamination throughout the home and sickness or even death to the occupants.

Odor Removal

Some hoarding situations involve buying more clothes or knick-knacks than can ever be used by a single person. Others result in the home being filled with things that can cause unpleasant odors that permeate every square inch of the property. In those instances, we can provide a customized plan for how to remove the offending odors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Of course. Any work you would like to complete on your own will get you closer to the end goal of having a clean, clutter-free home. Using a professional hoarding cleanup company like Bioteam will help reduce the stress you and/or your family may encounter during the process. Many people are unaccustomed to the mental, emotional, and physical toll from this type of project. Additionally, our team is trained to know the proper PPE necessary for each type of cleanup, which means we will be focused on keeping you and ourselves safe.

Placing a call to Bioteam for a free consultation is your best first step! After that, we will help outline the scope of work and address the things you can do to help the process move forward smoothly. Having a list of “must-find” items, pre-sorting areas/rooms with items to be kept or removed, and marking larger items with painters tape to designate the same are all great ways to communicate with your cleanup team

Contacting your HOA to find out if a dumpster can be placed on-site to speed up disposal is very helpful. This is also an option if you are looking to complete some of the work yourself in order to speed up the process and reduce your costs. We can help facilitate the dumpster service and schedule supplementary removal services and/or focus solely on the cleanup afterwards.

Each situation is different, so we will need to complete a hazard assessment for the work as we see it. If we feel you can be present without encountering any health hazards, we can accommodate that request. The more communication we have prior to the start of our work, the easier the process will be. If we need to stop and check if each item is being kept or removed, the longer the work will take and the more expensive the project will become.

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