Water Damage Cleanup

Water Damage Cleanup

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Water Damage Cleanup & Remediation

Most water damage occurs when people are at work, on vacation, or asleep. The most common water damage problems we see in Arizona are from leaking water heaters, overflowing toilets, and the occasional broken pipe. The scarcity of rain in our state means we don’t see many water damage claims due to rainwater flooding, but they do occasionally happen during the monsoon season.

Due to the climate in Arizona, a water leak soaking into drywall or particle wood cabinets provide the optimal location for mold to grow. Left unattended, mold will start growing in 24-48 hours, which means that remediation needs to take place as soon as the damage is found. If there is any doubt about how much time has passed since the water damage has occurred, the likelihood of mold growth increases dramatically.

24/7 Water Damage Cleanup Services

Since mold requires moisture, warmth, and a food source to grow, fast response is key in a situation where water damage has occurred. BioteamAZ is available 24/7 to mobilize our team to mitigate water damage problems. One of our highly skilled water remediation specialists will respond within 90 minutes to provide a consultation.

Water Damage Insurance Claims

If have an insurance policy that will cover the cleanup and rebuild after a water damage event, we will help you review your policy and navigate the claims process. We also help you manage you insurance claim from beginning to end while providing transparency to our clients. We work for you—not the insurance company—and our goal is to help you return your home to its pre-loss condition.


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Water Damage Cleanup & Remediation Process

Water damage cleanups can take some time to return the home to a safe, habitable state. As such, the safety of our technicians is an absolute necessity during the water damage cleanup and remediation process. From proper PPE to frequent training on chemical usage and cleaning techniques, our technicians are given the knowledge of how to properly handle water damage events.

  • Inspection – We first assess if there is any visible mold growth. If there is mold growth, we will treat it with a fungicide to kill the mold and inhibit future growth while we are working.

  • Containment – If the impact is contained to a single area of the property, we establish a containment area to reduce the likelihood of any secondary mold impact to other areas. It may be necessary to perform a chemical fogging treatment throughout the home and the HVAC vents to reduce the possibility of rogue spores having moved throughout the home.

  • Drying – Once the source of the water damage has been dealt with, we focus on drying out the structure using air movers and dehumidifiers. These will run unattended with one of our technicians checking the moisture levels in the home at specific times.

  • Clean & Disinfect – Once your home reaches the appropriate levels of relative humidity, we clean and disinfect any areas that were previously impacted by water damage. Our aim is to destroy any present mold growth and inhibit any future mold growth in those impacted areas.

Related Services

Hoarding Cleanup

If water damage has occurred in the home of someone who exhibits hoarding tendencies, a professional biohazard cleaning company should be called immediately. The more items and areas that are impacted by water damage, the greater the chances of health risks from mold growth.

Vehicle Cleanup

During monsoon season, heavy rains and flash floods are a major concern. If your vehicle has suffered water damage at any point, you may be risking your health when you are inside of your vehicle. We can perform the necessary tests to assess any mold threat and provide you with a service plan customized to your specific needs.

Bodily Fluids & Human Waste

If your home has been impacted by water damage due to a toilet that has backed up, you may have more than water to clean up. We can be on scene quickly to sanitize and disinfect the impacted areas, returning your home back into a clean and safe environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

We will always do our best to save and remediate the property including anything that has been impacted by the standing water. We may need to remove these items if they have been damaged beyond saving. Occasionally, we will make the decision to remove them to assist in the drying process.

Depending on amount of moisture the drywall has absorbed, it may need to be removed. If the drywall has a mushy consistency or is visibly sagging, it will need to be removed. Lesser amounts of moisture impact may be able to be dried out and saved. These situations will need to be assessed on a case-by-case basis. Aesthetics, structural integrity, and mold growth are all concerns to be addressed when it comes to wet drywall.

Both of these are half measures at best and, at worst, will increase your chances of having mold growing inside of your home. Proper steps must be taken quickly to make sure that you and anyone else in the area are safe from the hazards related to water damage events.

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