Vehicle Cleanup Services

Vehicle Cleanup Services

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Automobile Cleanup Service Overview

Professional biohazard cleaning is often needed for vehicles involved in accidents. Bodily fluids, human waste, and other biofluids may contain viruses and pathogens that can lead to serious illness if not properly treated and disposed of. It can impact both the interior and exterior of a vehicle, potentially spreading dangerous diseases and pathogens. As such, it is imperative that vehicle cleanups be properly treated as a biohazard.

Professional Vehicle Cleanup

Our team is experienced with the cleaning and disinfection of any vehicle, from automobiles to boats to planes. We have protocols in place to perform our work at mechanic shops, body repair facilities, or even outdoors if the vehicle cannot be transported.


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Vehicle Cleanup Process

Proper cleaning methods must be followed to ensure anyone who encounters the vehicle after service will be safe from possible infection or illness related to the loss that occurred. In many situations, we will need to work directly with the approved repair facility as they will need to know what we can do to make sure they are safe to begin the necessary repair work.

  • Our team will work closely with the repair facility to ensure we can complete our decontamination work while minimizing any additional damage to the interior of the vehicle or the electrical components.

  • Any porous items or surfaces that have been impacted by blood or bodily fluids will need to be treated, removed, and disposed of. This can include seat belts, carpeting, even the padding of the seats if they have been directly impacted.

  • Non-porous items and surfaces will be cleaned and disinfected. Further examination throughout the vehicle will be needed to verify if there are areas that have been secondarily impacted by blood or bodily fluids.

  • If you are the owner of the vehicle, we will help you with the entire insurance claim process as this type of service is generally covered by auto insurance policies.

Our technicians will make sure that everything removed during the cleanup service is documented. Any waste will be processed, transported, and disposed of at an approved medical waste disposal facility.

Related Services

Odor Removal

Further treatment for odors may be necessary for vehicles depending on the extent of the biofluid impact, the length of time since the event occurred, and other external factors.

Crime Scene Cleanup

If the vehicle was stolen or otherwise involved in a criminal event, it may need a specific treatment plan. One of the most potentially dangerous situations is if there were drugs inside of the vehicle, as substances such as fentanyl can cause a life-threatening overdose if ingested or inhaled.

Infectious Disease Cleanup

If you have visited or escorted a friend or family member to a hospital, your vehicle may be housing infectious diseases which could put you or your passengers at risk for future infection. Our treatment options can give you peace of mind that the inside of your car is safe and free of bacteria and viruses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Each insurance policy is different, but it is worth asking your insurance company about. We are happy to help you call your insurance company and answer any questions about the service you need performed. If the vehicle was involved in a crime or is already in a repair facility, you’ll likely already have a claim opened for the repairs. At that point, we will work with the insurance company to get our work pre-approved so you don’t have any surprise fees.

Our odor treatment services can help reduce or eliminate many of the foulest odors you can encounter. The extent of the impact will guide our plans for how to best treat the stench in the vehicle. Most of the time, your auto insurance company will not pay for a deodorizing service, but it doesn’t hurt to ask. We have lots of ways we can help you out if you want to pay out-of-pocket for an odor treatment service. Call us today for more information!

We would be happy to come to you and perform service wherever your vehicle is located. Depending on the work that needs to be performed, we may need access to water or electricity, so keep that in mind when calling for service. There are different ways for us to complete our cleaning process, so we will do our best to accommodate your specific situation.

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