Suicide Cleanup Services

Suicide Cleanup Services

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Suicide Cleanup Service Overview

For many, death by suicide is a subject they are aware of but have never had to deal with. For those families who are not so fortunate, suicide is a word that can barely begin to describe the loss and trauma they have experienced. According to the CDC in 2020, Arizona was ranked as having the 19th highest suicide rate in the United States relative to its population size. Nearly 1,400 people chose to take their own life, and in doing so drastically affected the lives of the people around them.

Discreet Suicide Cleanup Services

In the event of a suicide, a professional biohazard cleanup service is necessary to ensure your home or property is safe from any bloodborne pathogens or infectious diseases. Our staff and technicians at Bioteam work tactfully, professionally, and—most of all—with compassion. Cleanup is not complete until when we can ensure your home has been cleaned, sanitized, and disinfected to our strict standards.


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Suicide Cleanup Process

Death by suicide can occur in many ways. The cause of death will dictate the type of remediation that we will need to perform. In many cases, we require that the family vacate the home during the time we are working. If it is not possible to stay with friends or family in the area, we will provide lodging nearby at no cost to the family.

  • Upon the discovery of someone who has ended their life, the first step is to contact the police department and follow their instructions.

  • Once the area has been cleared by the police department, a senior technician will be on-scene to assess what has happened and provide guidance on the services that will be required

  • While we are not grief counselors, we do work closely with professionals to ensure we provide the utmost care and consideration in every interaction.

  • Once we have access to the home, we will begin the biohazard removal and clean-up process. This can often be completed within a day or two.

Our technicians will arrive in unmarked vehicles and will take measures to perform our services away from the view of any neighbors or bystanders. We will be in contact with the family or designated representative throughout the process and will tailor our correspondence to your needs and requests.

Related Services

Infectious Disease Cleanup

Certain diseases can be present after a person has passed away. If a person was suffering from a specific illness when they died, there may be additional steps needed to eradicate that pathogen. We are trained and equipped to ensure your family is safe to return to their home.

Vehicle Cleanup

There is no way to know when or where someone will make the decision to take their own life. If this has occurred in a vehicle, our team will work with your insurance company and the assigned repair shop. We will make sure the vehicle has been disinfected to the highest standards before the mechanics start their repair work.

Hoarding Cleanup

If the death occurred in a home that has excessive amounts of items inside, the impact may extend well beyond what is immediately visible. In this case, please take care not to touch or move anything prior to a professional biohazard company coming out for an assessment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Once we can get access to the home, you do not need to be physically with us for any step of this process. We can work with you remotely regarding any necessary paperwork, and can coordinate with you regarding returning keys, personal property, etc.

The cost of any cleanup is dependent on the impact of the event, as no two situations are the same. We will come to you for a free assessment, and we are willing to start our work with no upfront payment necessary.

If this occurred in a property covered by insurance, we will work with you to start an insurance claim. In many cases, the insurance will cover the cost of the biohazard cleanup as well as the rebuild and replacement of items removed due to contamination (where applicable).

We are prepared to help you out no matter the situation. If there are illicit drugs on the premises, we can assess and properly treat the impacted areas to neutralize any trace amounts or residue that is left behind. Our standards and attention to detail mean you can feel safe and secure in your home or property at the completion of our service.

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