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Traumatic events are already emotionally and mentally difficult. Unfortunately, however, these events can also result in biohazardous waste that can make your home, business, and belongings unsafe. BioteamAZ provides a wide array of professional biohazard cleanup and waste disposal services for the residents and businesses of Arizona.

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Unattended Death Cleanup

Occasionally, a person passes away alone in their home or other location and are left undiscovered for an extended amount of time, resulting in bacteria and numerous other health hazards.

Crime Scene Cleanup

Though violent crimes such as murder are normally what recall images of bloodshed, even less violent crimes can result in injuries that create the need for professional biohazard cleanup.

Homicide Cleanup

A homicide can occur anywhere with or without reason. Regardless of intention, homicides can also lead to the spilling of blood and bodily fluids, resulting in the location becoming contaminated.

Suicide Cleanup

Few events are more traumatic than a suicide. In the event of a suicide, biohazard cleanup service is needed to ensure your home is safe from bloodborne pathogens or infectious diseases.

Blood Cleanup

Blood spills can happen for several reasons. Regardless of the cause, if blood is involved, a professional biohazard cleaning is necessary to ensure your property is safe from bloodborne pathogens.

Infectious Disease Cleanup

Whether from person to person, contaminated food, or contact with animals, infectious diseases can be transmitted in a variety of ways and pose life-threatening health risks when allowed to flourish.

Odor Removal

From pet urine and cigarette smoke to body odor and mold growth, there are numerous smells that can attach themselves to our homes, vehicles, and property that vary from unpleasant to dangerous.