Chandler Crime Scene Cleanup Service

Whenever a crime is committed leaving behind biohazardous materials such as bodily fluids, blood, or chemicals, it is imperative for the crime scene to be completely cleaned, decontaminated, and sanitized in accordance to all OSHA rules and regulations. Without such precaution and care, dangerous materials may be left behind ready to infect others and cause both people and animals to experience serious health hazards.

BioTeamAZ is Chandler, Arizona’s number one trusted bio-hazard cleanup company and we proudly ensure all biohazards will be removed and that the job is done right meticulously and thoroughly every time.


Crime scene cleanup for every situation

We at BioTeamAZ understand what a difficult situation it can be when dealing the aftermath of crime. Between the emotional and physical angst, caring for others, and dealing with a contaminated property, the last thing you should be is handling the cleanup of biohazards as well. By attempting to clean the area yourself, you not only risk your health but it leaves you open to legal liability for any future damages due to improper cleanup.

Due to the dangerous nature of the material and the catastrophic consequences if not properly cleaned, only trained professionals experienced in how to protect themselves and others should be cleaning up after biohazards. Using the latest technological innovations in cleaning, personal protective gear, professional equipment, our team know exactly how to safely clean and legally dispose of numerous substances while fully restoring your Chandler home or business.

BioTeamAZ provides professional cleanup services following tragic events such as:

  • Fatal Accidents
  • Stabbings
  • Robberies
  • Vehicle Theft Recovery
  • Body Fluid Clean Up
  • Homicides
  • Death Scenes

BioTeamAZ is a local Arizona company. We answer our phones and use our own professionally trained crew. You won’t have to repeat your story. You can rely on us. We care about you and we care about Chandler. With BioTeamAZ, your needs always come first and we make sure our work is done as quickly as possible so you get on the road to recovery. When you call, we arrive in unmarked vehicles while wearing plain uniforms to protect your privacy and keep you from any unnecessary questions. We then get right to work, keeping the disruption as small as possible, while we make sure the affected area is safe for you and your family once more, even scientifically testing the area for your peace of mind.

No matter your situation, With BioTeamAZ, you know you’re in safe hands and your property will be restored.

Cost of Crime Scene Cleanups

If you are concerned about the costs involved in hiring a bio-hazard cleanup company, please rest assured that in most cases there is no out of pocket costs involved in crime scene, death or other biohazard cleanup services. BioTeamAZ works with all major home insurance companies to ensure you are not left with a hefty bill after going through a traumatic experience such as a death or suicide. Our experienced team will even fill out paperwork for you and file a claim on your behalf. For most of our crime scene cleanup clients, the only thing they need to pay is their policy deductible.

BioTeamAZ is always here 24-7 to serve you anytime you need us at (520) 369-4242. Whether you need immediate service, a free estimate and consultation, or just have some questions, we are here to help. With the latest cleaning technology, we are insured, licensed, and bonded. Don’t wait – give us a call today so we can get you on the road to recovery.



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