ADEQ Compliant Biohazard Cleanup In Gilbert, AZ

Traumatic incidents are not just stressful but can also draw unwanted attention during the cleanup. Often, this just piles on extra stress during an already difficult time. If you’re dealing with a suicide, death or other traumatic experience involving biohazardous materials like blood, bodily fluids or even fecal matter, BioTeamAZ responds quickly to clean and sanitize the scene while being discreet and keeping your information confidential.


BioTeamAZ has a perfect track record for biohazard cleanup in Gilbert, AZ

A perfect track record is important when dealing with biohazard and crime scene cleanup so you can have peace of mind the area is truly clean and safe. For all our years in the industry of biohazard and trauma scene cleanup, BioTeamAZ has consistently kept a perfect track record without a single citation or fine in all that time. Don’t risk using an uncertified company and risk being fined for improper disposal of medical waste or biohazard material. Instead, give BioTeamAZ a call. We are a reputable company with established experience and are here to take care of whatever biohazard cleanup you need.

BioTeamAZ provides services following tragic events such as:

  • Crime Scenes
  • Body Fluid Spills
  • Hoarding and Clutter
  • Homicides
  • Death Scenes
  • Suicide
  • Accidental Death

Rely on BioTeamAZ for biohazard cleanup done right

At BioTeamAZ, you and your loved one’s health is our number one concern and we’re committed to making sure you’re safe. When it comes to blood and other bodily fluids, only trained professionals should handle the cleanup. Without the knowledge of proper cleaning techniques, the equipment to do the job right, and the legal licenses and permits to transport biohazard-soiled materials, whoever attempts the cleaning can not only face emotional trauma, but can seriously damage their own health and face hefty legal ramifications for putting others in danger as well. Even a small drop of blood can contain millions of dangerous bacteria. By hiring a reliable biohazard cleaning company with extensive knowledge and experience, you are legally protecting yourself and guarding the health of your loved ones and yourself.

With BioTeamAZ, you can trust you will be provided caring and thoughtful service when dealing with a distressing experience and can rest assured the situation will be professionally handled right away.

Call today for biohazard cleanup services

BioTeamAZ is always here for you around the clock to help you through a difficult time. We are local and can be anywhere in Gilbert from Freestone Park to SanTan Village within the hour.

If you are dealing with a mess and need biohazard clean up services in Gilbert, Arizona, or anywhere throughout Maricopa County, call us for immediate service. With a free consultation and estimate, we’ll create a fast and easy solution for you so you can move forward.



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