Litchfield Park’s Biohazard and Death Scene Cleaning Services

When you need to deal with the unthinkable, turn to someone you can trust. BioTeamAZ has the experience and professional crews to do the work fast. We accept insurance and will cover your deductibles.

Available 24/7, we support law offices, public service agencies, public and private real estate owners throughout Litchfield Park. Contact us anytime with any questions you have or for any needed service.

Trusted services to address all biohazard cleanup needs

Materials such as blood, bodily fluids, urine, and feces can contain dangerous viruses and bacteria and thus require rigorous training and licenses to clean and dispose of. BioTeamAZ is the trusted biohazard cleanup company you can rely on for quality cleanup throughout Litchfield Park and Maricopa County. No matter your situation, we know what it takes to clean the property, decontaminate the area, and make sure all biohazardous waste is disposed of in full compliance with all local and federal rules and regulations.

We understand any time biohazard cleanup is needed can be difficult and overwhelming. With a wealth of experience, we are here to guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have while being discreet and compassionate. At BioTeamAZ, you and your safety are always our top priority and we go the extra mile to put your needs first.

Cleaning Up After a Death in Litchfield Park

The thought of cleaning up after a death is not one generally ponders and being tasked with the death cleanup can be overwhelming. Getting professional help not only guards you against the emotional hardship, but it ensures that all the biohazards are remediated and the impacted material is disposed of in accordance of the laws of Arizona.

It is not uncommon for a relative to have to deal with a death from out of state. The blog we wrote on how to handle a death from out of state was specific to Sun City, but it really works the same for cleaning up after a death in Litchfield Park. Because we have crews working throughout the state of Arizona, this would hold true for any city here in Arizona. We have worked with many of these families from out of state. We are here to help facilitate the process on whatever level you are comfortable with. We have gone in to homes where there has been a unattended death to retrieve paperwork and other items sought after by extended family. Sometimes we clean up the death scene prior to the family arriving and other times it’s a coordinated approach. We take your lead on how you want to proceed. Our job is to facilitate the process for you.

No money Charged Upfront

BioTeamAZ is dedicated to your safety first and foremost. With no money accepted upfront, we will get to work as quickly as possible cleaning, sanitizing, and decontaminating the entire affected area. We can even file a property insurance claim on your behalf. Most policies cover biohazard cleanup after a traumatic event on the covered property. To make it as easy as possible for you, we’ll fill out all the paperwork and documentation on your behalf and file the claim along with answering any of the insurance company’s questions. With BioTeamAZ on the job, all you need to do is focus on what’s important: you, your family, and employees.

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