San Tan Valley Biohazard Cleanup

When there has been an unattended death, hoarding situation, suicide, or any other occurrence involving blood or other bodily fluids in San Tan Valley, the biohazardous material left behind is extremely dangerous and needs to be cleaned up and professionally disposed of immediately along with any surrounding areas needing to be disinfected and restored. We provide bioremediation and biohazard cleanup services throughout the San Tan Valley.

Why can’t I just clean it up?

Whether it’s a home, a workplace, or vehicle, biohazardous material such as blood, bodily fluids, feces, urine, and vomit, can carry blood-borne pathogens, bacteria, and viruses such as HIV and Hepatitis, among many other diseases. When left unattended, such material decomposes and seeps into the surrounding porous surfaces including wood, leather, and fabric. The mold, odor and bacteria then grow unseen and unreachable with standard household cleaning products. Our expert staff are skilled in locating such infected areas, both seen and unseen, and properly cleaning or disposing of them, ensuring the livability and safety of people and the property.

Protect your family and employees

To protect your family, friends, and employees from disease and yourself from any future liability, call our expert and professional staff to come in and cleanup, disinfect, and remediate your San Tan Valley property. Licensed by the state of Arizona, our expert staff have undergone specialized training on how to deal with biohazard waste and blood-borne pathogens.

With professional equipment and advanced biohazard cleanup techniques, we will quickly show up when you call in a non-descript truck and get right to work confidentially removing all contaminated material. We then thoroughly clean and disinfect all remaining surfaces on your property to ensure your safety and peace of mind.

Biohazard cleanup services provided for San Tan Valley communities

The San Tan Valley has seen a major growth in recent years. Rest assured that we service all of San Tan Valley including the master planned communities of:

We are here to make a tough time easy to deal with. Call us anytime, 24-7, and we will come out to your Sun Tan Valley home or business to quickly and confidentially deal with any and all needed cleanup. As most homeowner’s insurance policies cover our costs, there is also no payment up front.

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