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The City of Scottsdale is just east of Phoenix in Maricopa County. This predominately desert city has an estimated population of 242,753 people as of the most recent US census in 2021. The City of Scottsdale Fire Department is the primary provider of emergency medical services for the city. Working in conjunction with the HonorHealth Scottsdale network, they offer continued education and training to Scottsdale’s EMTs and Paramedics. They have also had a long-standing partnership with Scottsdale PD to help combat the rising opioid crisis.

Though not as populous as its neighbor Phoenix, Scottsdale, has its fair share of violent crimes and traumatic events. In fact, statistics show that Scottsdale’s crime rate is higher than the average US city, with a rate of 48.45 crimes per 1000 residents within a given year. As is the case with violent crimes, accidents, and traumatic events, blood and various other bodily fluids are often spilled, contaminating surrounding surfaces and belongings. In these events, it’s important to seek professional biohazard cleanup and remediation services.

Phoenix’s Premier Crime Scene Cleanup Professionals

BioteamAZ is Scottsdale’s go-to for professional discreet crime scene and biohazard cleanup services. Our IICRC certified technicians provide highly thorough and effective cleanup services for the homes and businesses of Maricopa County. We not only work to return your property to its safe pre-trauma state but also help handle the often-complex insurance claims process so you can focus on more important matters. Our first priority is the wellbeing of our clients, and we work tirelessly to ensure you are treated with the utmost compassion, care, and respect during this difficult time.


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Crime Scene Cleanup Process

Depending on the nature of a given crime, the crime scene cleanup process can vary both in terms of duration and scope. Regardless of whether it is a homicide or theft, blood, bodily fluids, potential controlled substances, and various other unknown biohazardous waste can easily be spread across a wide area, resulting in greater contamination. During all cleanup services, our technicians wear full PPE and work to identify and establish a perimeter to prevent any further contamination or exposure to potential diseases. After the Scottsdale Fire and Police Departments have cleared the scene, we can begin our cleanup process:

  • Assessment – Before doing any cleaning, our technicians need to perform a thorough inspection and assessment of the crime scene. This not only helps determine the range of the impacted area, but also allows us to identify the extent of impact and type of contamination so that we can develop a more comprehensive plan for cleanup.

  • Removal of Contamination Source – Our technicians remove all sources of contamination from the scene. A variety of items can be contaminated depending on the nature of the crime. This includes contaminated belongings such as clothes or other personal items as well as structural elements such as floorboards and drywall, especially if blood and bodily fluids have had time to soak deeper and saturate porous surfaces.

  • Decontamination & Cleanup – Once all sources of contamination have successfully removed, our technicians begin to disinfect and clean up all impacted areas to return them to their pre-trauma state. We use EPA-approved disinfectant chemicals on all non-porous items and will work to salvage anything that we can. Porous items are not able to be salvaged, and will need to be properly removed and destroyed at a biohazardous waste treatment facility per the ADEQ standards regarding biohazardous waste.

Biohazard Remediation Services in Scottsdale

Our team consists of claims specialists, and an attorney to assist you with all needs that may arise from beginning to end. We are available 24/7/365.

Unattended Death Cleanup

It is not uncommon for a person to pass away alone in their home or vehicle, especially in Scottsdale, which has a substantial elderly population. If the person who has passed is undiscovered for a long period of time, bacteria and various other health hazards brought on by decomposition can develop.

Suicide Cleanup

There are few events more traumatic and upsetting than suicides. As with unattended deaths, there are a variety of health hazards and bloodborne pathogens that can make the scene of a suicide extremely dangerous. We work to handle these situations with the utmost discretion and respect to the families and people involved.

Blood Cleanup

From workplace accidents to illness to crimes, blood spills can happen for a variety of reasons. Blood can carry a variety of infectious-disease-causing pathogens. As such, if there is any blood at crime scene or accident, you need to make sure you contact our professional biohazard remediation team.