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Glendale AZ’s #1 Biohazard Cleanup Professionals

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Glendale’s Most Trusted Biohazard Cleanup Company

Just 9 miles northwest of Phoenix in Maricopa County is the City of Glendale; home to over 250,000 residents and the 6th largest city in Arizona. Like any major city, Glendale regularly experiences situations producing biohazardous waste, including unattended deaths, crime scenes, and workplace accidents involving blood. When such hazardous materials are produced, it is crucial that they be contained and remediated by a professional biohazard cleanup service provider.

BioteamAZ provides professional biohazardous waste cleanup and remediation for Glendale and the broader Maricopa County area. Our IICRC-certified technicians use specialized equipment and procedures to thoroughly restore contaminated properties to pre-incident condition. You can trust BioteamAZ to return your property to safety through proper cleanup and disposal. We also guide you through the entire insurance claims process. For effective biohazardous waste handling in Glendale, call BioteamAZ at 602-770-4972.


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Why Choose BioteamAZ for Biohazard Cleanup in Glendale?

BioteamAZ is a family-owned and locally operated biohazardous waste cleanup company, servicing Glendale and all four corners of the State of Arizona since 2011. We’ve spent our lives trying to help people, which has led us to a niche field in which we get to help people through some of the darkest moments of their lives.

We’ve made it our mission to provide our clients with the absolute best possible care. You can count on us to demonstrate compassion and discretion throughout every step of the biohazard cleanup process. With the rise of numerous unlicensed and unprofessional cleanup companies, we’ve made sure to hold ourselves and all our technicians to the same professional standards:

Simply put, we are the best, most experienced, and most trusted biohazard cleanup specialists in Glendale.

bioteamaz biohazard cleanup
bioteamaz biohazard cleanup

How BioteamAZ Approaches Biohazard Cleanup in Glendale

When it comes to effective biohazard cleanup in Glendale, look no further than BioteamAZ. Our skilled technicians meticulously and efficiently remediate contaminated spaces, safely disposing of blood, bodily fluids, and any other contamination risks. For safe professional biohazard cleanup and remediation services you can trust, count on the skilled biohazard technicians at BioteamAZ.

  • Inspection & Safety – We conduct a comprehensive inspection of the area to determine the full scope of work while ensuring the area is secure and accessible by our technicians. We use appropriate PPE, such as hazardous material suits, gloves, and respirators, depending on the following OSHA guidelines on a safe work environment as well as all directions according to the Safety Data Sheets on our EPA approved chemicals.

  • Disinfection & Cleanup – All impacted areas are disinfected, all non-porous items are disinfected and moved to a clean and secure location nearby. Porous items that have been impacted by blood or fluids will need to be properly removed and destroyed at a biohazardous waste treatment plant. Single-use PPE tools are disposed of following ADEQ biohazardous waste regulations.

  • Waste Disposal – Any tools or PPE that can be disinfected will be treated on scene and properly stored. All biohazardous waste and other trash will be secured in our licensed transportation vehicles and removed from the premises. We then remove any remaining barriers or safety measures and turn the area back over to the appropriate parties.

Health, safety, and peace of mind are our priorities, and our team will do everything we can to deliver that to you.

How BioteamAZ Can Help You

BioteamAZ helps Glendale residents and business owners restore their properties after experiencing biohazardous contamination. Our professional remediation technicians compassionately handle complete sanitization while assisting with insurance the entire insurance claims process. We ease the process through every step, so families can focus on healing and moving forward.

Bacteria & Germ Testing

On an average day, if a person sees something that looks clean, they assume it is clean. However, we know that a visual inspection is only the beginning. Our technicians at BioteamAZ perform ATP (Adenosine triphosphate) tests at the beginning and end of our cleanup service. The ATP test allows us to measure the presence of actively growing microorganisms (bacteria). This helps us assess the impact of viable bacteria and organic debris on the property.

Personal Property List

Any porous or semi-porous items that have come into contact with bodily fluids will need to be properly treated and, most of the time, will need to be disposed of at an approved biohazardous waste treatment facility. This document is supported by photographs to show proof of loss of the items. This is especially important if you need to show proof of loss of personal property to your insurance company.

Document Retrieval

Paper is highly porous. If it has been directly impacted with blood or other potentially infectious materials, it must be transported to a medical waste facility for destruction. If we discover that any important documents have been damaged, the senior technician will discuss with you the procedures that need to be taken in order to salvage as much information from the documents as possible.

Post-Remediation Evaluation

We hold ourselves to the highest standards and upon request will provide a post-remediation certification to you, property management, or your insurance company.  We want to provide you with peace of mind that the property is safe to return to once we have completed our final evaluation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Any professional dealing with blood will be properly trained and will utilize the necessary PPE to keep themselves safe from bloodborne pathogens and other unknown dangers. Hiring a professional will provide you with peace of mind that the area has been properly treated and disinfected.

All blood spills should be treated as though there are bloodborne pathogens present. This is not to judge or embarrass the person who was bleeding. This is solely for the safety of anyone involved in the clean-up process. Additionally, treating the scene for the worst possible pathogens will ensure that the area is safe again regardless of the health status of the person who lost their blood. In that way, we can provide you with peace of mind without having to discuss anyone’s medical history.

As a general rule, we do not clean and return porous items that have been impacted by blood. Some clothing or other fabric-based items may be able to be treated and washed, but upholstered items, carpeting, and other semi-porous items will require removal. These items will need to be removed and transported to an approved biohazardous waste treatment facility to be destroyed. Our goal is to ensure we have cleaned and disinfected to our stringent standards thereby returning your home or property to a safe and habitable state.

In our experience, this type of service is usually not covered by insurance, but it is still worth contacting your insurance provider to find out for sure. In instances where the cleanup is related to a medical issue, we may be able to help you get approved to process an insurance claim.

Each cleanup is different, so we will need more information to provide you with a scope of work. The length of time the fluids or waste have been sitting will play a factor in the treatment options. The type of flooring is equally important – engineered wood, carpet, and the grout between tiles are all porous materials meaning that they can quickly absorb liquids. If the fluids have been allowed to seep into the flooring or further to the subfloor, we will need to remove the flooring and dispose of it accordingly. It is our policy to ensure we have properly treated and disinfected the impacted areas, and in certain cases we can only do that by removing the flooring.

Due to the nature of the work, our team will be following all NIOSH and OSHA guidelines for a safe work environment, which includes extensive PPE to keep ourselves safe. As such, we would ask that you are not in the area while we are performing our services. Occasionally we will need to work for longer than the first day. In these instances, we will provide you with lodging accommodations at no cost to you.

Other Remediation & Cleanup Services in Glendale

Our team consists of claims specialists, and an attorney to assist you with all needs that may arise from beginning to end. We are available 24/7/365.

Crime Scene Cleanup

Cleaning up after a crime requires more than just a superficial wipe-down. Our Glendale biohazard cleanup team ensures safe and thorough decontamination and restoration of the affected site, going the extra mile to guarantee comprehensive restoration, whether the incident was violent or non-violent.

Death Cleanup

When individuals pass away at home, it necessitates thoughtful and discreet cleanup. Whether it’s due to natural causes or suicide, our Glendale death cleanup team handles these sensitive cases with compassion, offering comprehensive remediation and restoration services.

Specialty Services

We provide a comprehensive range of cleanup services to mitigate various biohazardous health risks, such as extensive mold growth or flood damage. Our solutions cover a wide array of challenging situations, including Hoarding Cleanup, Vehicle Interior Decontamination, Water Damage Repair, and more.

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