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Show Low, AZ: Driver Hits Cyclists and is Then Shot by Police

Show Low, AZ - Driver Hits Cyclists

When tragedies occur involving blood and other bodily fluids, crime scene cleaners are called in to clean up the scene so public streets are free of all biohazards and safe for the wider public.

Just a few short days ago, one such tragedy needing biohazard cleanup occurred in Show Low, Arizona, a small town about a three-hour drive Northeast of Phoenix. With hundreds of people there to participate in the bike race, “Bike the Bluff,” the race had just started when cyclists saw a black Ford pickup turning across three lanes of traffic and accelerating toward them. Hitting the cyclists at full speed, seven people were left severely injured including broken ribs, a crushed ankle, broken neck bones, and a punctured lung, among other injuries.

Witnesses who saw the accident occur say bicycles and cyclists went flying and the truck only stopped when the driver ran into a light pole. Fellow racers crowded around the truck, demanding the driver get out but then watched in horror as the truck backed up, turned around, and headed back toward the cyclists but this time, drove past them down the street. Police immediately chased the driver down and cornered him behind the Ace Hardware store where he resisted arrest. The police then shot the suspect and medics took him to a local hospital. He has yet to be formally charged.

Back at the scene, bicycle parts, helmets, and blood littered the area throughout the scene. One witness racing behind the group that was hit recalled the extremely gory scene and said they will never forget what they saw and that no one should ever have to see something like it.

Crime scene cleaners keep the public safe

It is thoughts like this that inspire us in our work. No one should ever have to go through a tragedy like this or be continually subjected to grisly sights or bloodborne pathogens and bacteria left on the pavement. As the leading biohazard cleanup company in Arizona, we work hard to make sure crime scenes are fully cleaned up of biohazards so no one is retraumatized or their health put in danger. With powerful cleaners and specialized equipment, our teams work hard to make sure every small amount of blood, body tissues, and bodily fluids have been removed and the area thoroughly disinfected so the community can heal and move forward from such senseless violence.

BioTeamAZ is here for you with crime scene cleanup

Whenever crimes occur, you need someone you can rely on for crime scene cleanup, someone who will be there for you at all hours of the day. With services available 24-7, BioTeamAZ is always on call to come clean up any biohazards once the police have released the scene including bodily fluids, drug paraphernalia, and chemicals used in investigations. Working quickly with attention to those small nooks and crannies, you can focus on healing and leave the cleanup to us. With one phone call, we’ll take the burden off your shoulders and make sure you and your property are safe from further harm. Locally owned and operated, we are here to support communities throughout Arizona.

Arizona Biohazard Cleaning Company Uses Unmarked Vehicles

Unmarked Biohazard remediation Van

Unmarked Trucks

When our biohazard cleaning crew from BioTeamAZ pulls up to your Arizona home or business, it will always be in an unmarked vehicle driven by people in plain uniforms. With no logos or business descriptions on the sides of our vehicles, not even that neighbor across the street who keeps an eye on all the comings and goings of the neighborhood will know what is going on in your home.

We keep prying eyes away

There are times in our lives when we need strong support from those nearby and there are other moments when our privacy is of prime importance. One such time when privacy is needed is if you require biohazard cleanup at your home or business. In those moments, it is never a good time to have to answer unneeded questions. Whether the needed cleaning is due to a suicide, crime, hoarding, or infectious diseases contamination, prying eyes is the last thing you want around when you are already feeling overwhelmed and upset.

By using unmarked vehicles and wearing plain uniforms along with coming around the back way whenever possible, we do our best to be discreet and quiet as we work quickly to complete our task.

Protect your business’s reputation

Every business owner knows it takes extraordinarily little to damage a good reputation after working hard for years to build it up. With the possibility of rumors running rampant and passerby asking intrusive questions, we do our best to protect you, your staff, and customers from anything people might say after seeing a biohazard cleaning truck at your place of business here in Arizona. With nothing around to advertise our presence, we work hard to keep a low profile while cleaning and removing biohazardous waste from your place of business.

At times, it can be beneficial for people to know the property has been fully cleaned by licensed biohazard cleaners after an event took place that was publicized in the news such as a shooting outside your store or an infectious disease outbreak. In many other cases, however, discretion and privacy is key to maintaining your reputation as a safe and clean business. At BioTeamAZ, we strive to help you in this however we can by not attracting unwanted attention so you can get back to regular business as quickly as possible.

BioTeamAZ puts your needs first

Any quality biohazard cleaning business will always put your needs first. At BioTeamAZ, we work hard to take care of any biohazard problem you may be having. Whether it is in your private home, rental property, or business, we know how to help protect your reputation and your privacy so you can live in peace and safety for years to come.

Is Human Feces a Biohazard?

Is Human Feces A Biohazard?

When taking a walk, we all know not to touch any animal feces we come across but don’t think twice about cleaning up after our own pets. In the same way, we don’t hesitate to clean up after our family but wouldn’t touch any feces if we were cleaning up after a homeless camp or a trashed rental. So who would do that kind of cleaning and are feces a biohazard? Could you call a regular cleaning company or do you need to call a biohazard cleanup company to come take care of it?

Biohazards are any material that can possibly contain infectious diseases. For example, human feces can contain diseases such as C. diff, Hepatitis A and E, Giardia, E coli, Cholera, and Norovirus so, yes, human feces are a biohazard. These diseases can be dangerous and even fatal so it’s important to take the proper precautions when dealing with such material. While some regular cleaning companies are willing to clean minimal amounts of urine and feces, professional biohazard cleanup companies such as BioTeamAZ are specifically trained to safely and thoroughly clean up biohazards such as bodily fluids, urine, feces, viruses, and bacteria.

Human Feces Is A Biohazard, But Not A Regulated Medical Waste

Since human fecal matter is only classified as a biohazard and not medical waste, you can throw it away in the regular trash. However, if the poop contains blood, then it does become classified as medical waste and may not be thrown away in the regular trash. Whoever owns the property is legally liable for any damages or any illness resulting from improper cleanup and disposal of the poop. So your best bet is to call a professional to clean up the feces to ensure that the area is completely cleaned, decontaminated and sanitized.

It’s Not Advisable to Clean up the Human Feces Yourself

Because of all the potential biohazards that may be contained in poop, cleaning up after human feces can be dangerous work. It takes specific skills, equipment, and cleaners to make sure all feces have been removed, the area properly cleaned, and yourself protected through the whole process. If you are facing the task of cleaning up human feces in a homeless encampment, a trashed rental, a hoarded home, or after a sewage backup, hire a company trained in the proper procedures and leave it to them to complete the work. In such unsanitary conditions, the chances of the feces carrying various diseases are much higher than they otherwise would be – diseases with which you and your loved ones don’t want to come into contact. Once the feces are removed, a professional company will also have the equipment and skills needed to permanently eliminate any lingering odor. You will then have peace of mind the area is free of all biohazards and is now fresh and clean.

Don’t Rely On Regular Household Cleaning Products

When it comes to the cleaning products we can buy in a store, they are limited in the amount of bacteria and viruses they are able to kill. Professional cleaners opt instead for industrial grade chemicals that kill off a higher percentage of pathogens. Make sure that what you’re using is strong enough for what you’re using it for and follow all directions.


If you have any questions about the cleanup of human feces or other bodily fluids cleanup, give us a call and we’ll be happy to help in any way we can.

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