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Arizona Measles Outbreak Awareness

With the measles outbreak continuing to grow across the US, people in Arizona are at great risk for catching the disease. Though there has only been one case in Arizona thus far out of the 700 reported, between the amount of international travelers visiting our state...

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Is Human Feces a Biohazard?

When taking a walk, we all know not to touch any animal feces we come across but don’t think twice about cleaning up after our own pets. In the same way, we don’t hesitate to clean up after our family but wouldn’t touch any feces if we were cleaning up after a...

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The Warning Signs of Teen Suicide

Whenever we at Bio Team AZ are called to clean up after a suicide, especially a teen suicide, our hearts break for the victim and for their families and friends. Even while we do the work of cleaning, we hope that one day cleaning up after suicides is a service which...

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Who Does Death Cleanup in Tucson?

If someone has died in your Tucson home or business, you need professional death cleanup services to make sure the area is cleaned, decontaminated, and sanitized so it’s free of all biohazards and truly clean. Though there are many cleanup services to choose from,...

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Phoenix Hoarding Cleanup Estimates are Free

Phoenix hoarding cleanup estimates are free - Yay!   We see all kinds of hoarding throughout the Phoenix area. Animal Hoarding Trash Hoarding Collectible Hoarding Books Hoarding and more. While each hoarding category has similar issues in the house, no two...

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Central AZ (602) 770-4972 • Northern AZ (928) 203-6744 • Southern AZ (520) 333-6234

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