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Does the Scottsdale Police Department Clean Up After a Crime Scene?

Scottsdale Crime Scene Cleaners

When we hear of a crime occurring in the news, we often think of the victims, the police, the detectives, and the pain of losing a loved one. What we don’t often think about is the mess left behind after a crime and who the people are who will clean it.

Police Do Not Clean Crime Scenes

Most folk assume that cleaning up after a crime scene is work the Scottsdale police officers undertake once the scene is cleared and all evidence has been collected. However, the police, along with any investigators, are not trained or equipped to clean up and dispose of bio hazardous waste from a crime scene. In fact, crime scene investigators often add to what needs to be cleaned up by using chemicals and finger print powder during their investigations. It’s not just the Scottsdale PD that don’t clean up crime scenes, police departments, in general, throughout the U.S. do not either.

Scottsdale Property Owners Are Responsible for the Cleanup

Once the police leave and the ambulance pulls away, the property owner, or the family and friends left behind are the ones responsible to make sure their Scottsdale home or business is cleaned, all bio hazardous material is disposed of, and the area is safe to use for anyone in the future. In fact, if anyone becomes sick in the future from the biohazards left behind, the property owner will be held legally liable for any and all damages. The problem is that, like the police, most people don’t know what is required in order to clean up after a crime scene, how to protect themselves from dangerous diseases, or how to legally dispose of bio hazardous waste. In addition, the emotional trauma of cleaning up after a loved one is deep and long lasting.

Scottsdale Crime Scene Cleaners Specialize in Biohazard Cleanup

When it comes to cleaning up after crimes, there are professional cleaners in Scottsdale who specialize in precisely this type of work – biohazard cleanup. These people are specifically trained in:

  • blood borne pathogens
  • bio hazardous waste disposal
  • industrial grade cleaners
  • personal protective equipment
  • how to avoid cross-contamination
  • OSHA regulations
  • local and federal rules and regulations
  • odor removal

Once the police have cleared the scene, these crime scene cleaners are called in by the family or business owner to clean the area and make sure the home or business is safe to use. If even one small piece is left behind at a crime scene, the results can be disastrous for years to come as the bio hazardous material soaks into the very structure itself. Thus, crime scene cleaners are thoroughly trained in what exactly to look for in places both seen and unseen. Discreet and experienced, crime scene cleaners also know how to work with victims and their families while making sure all traces of the crime are cleaned or removed.

If you’ve experienced a crime in your Scottsdale home or business, give us a call for a free consultation and quote. We’ll be happy to help you any way we can.

Do Police Clean Up Crime Scenes

Dealing With A Death, Injury, Or Crime Scene

The traumatic experience of a homicide, suicide, or criminal injury can be overwhelming, but on top of all that, you have to deal with the cleanup. When dealing with a crime scene, the police and crime scene investigators will come in, take evidence, and investigate the area, at which point they’ll leave the rest up to you. The police will not clean up a crime. In most cases, the owner of the space will continue to occupy the area whether it be a home or business and therefore the area must be thoroughly cleaned, decontaminated, and restored to its original condition. Since the police won’t assist in this cleanup work, after a crime scene has been released to the owner, it must be cleaned and decontaminated by a professional cleanup company.

Cleaning Up A Crime Scene Should Be Done By Professionals

Many people, especially if there is a seemingly small amount of cleanup required, will attempt to take on the task of cleaning up the area themselves. Dealing with the cleanup yourself can be extremely risky. In most cases, the crime scene area will contain biohazardous materials like blood or other bodily fluids which can contain harmful pathogens. Removing these materials and properly disposing of them must be done correctly to avoid personal harm. Professional crime scene cleanup companies are trained and certified to not only deal with the stomach-turning mess, but to also safely remove, transport, and dispose of biohazardous materials.

Don’t Be Fooled By Seemingly Small Messes

All too often, a biohazardous mess such as a blood spill may seem like a simple, minute task to clean up. Unfortunately, in most cases, those seemingly small messes are actually quite extensive. If you were to notice a blood spill that’s only the size of a quarter on your rug, there is likely a square foot of blood-soaked flooring underneath. Since the police do not clean up crime scenes once they are done, it’s recommended to have a certified professional come in to clean and decontaminate the area. A professional would also know what to look for and be able to discover large contaminations that may have seemed like a very small mess.

Contact a professional in your area if you’re dealing with the cleanup of a crime scene. If you’re in Phoenix or Tucson, Arizona, contact BioTeamAZ today for assistance with biohazardous and crime scene cleanup services.

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