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We hope that emergency vehicles are thoroughly decontaminated by experts after each transport, but what about personal cars which have been used to transport sick or injured people?

As long as body fluids stay within the body they are considered the most important building block of normal human function. But when they leave our bodies they are considered a biohazard. Body fluids may contain pathogens that carry bacteria and viruses and when spread can cause pandemics and diseases. That is why the handling of all biohazard materials is so tightly regulated. Not only that; the transport and disposal sites of biohazard materials are regulated as well.

Guidelines for Vehicle Decontamination

Every state has its own guidelines, and those should be followed. It is important to mentions again that proper decontamination of a vehicle that has been used as an emergency vehicle is a must, for the safety of the owner and the safety of us all.

  • Airing the vehicle before starting to clean. This should be done outdoors and away from pedestrian traffic.
  • Wearing masks, gloves, sometimes in two layers.
  • Clearing and cleaning solid matter.
  • Cleaning the whole area with soap and water.
  • Cleaning the whole area with disinfectants approved by the EPA.
  • Disinfecting areas that didn’t come in direct contact with body fluids, but might have been unknowingly transferred there – like a steering wheel.
  • Everything has to be properly bagged and disposed of.


BioTeamAZ is the Best Company in Phoenix, AZ For Vehicle Decontamination

They know the Arizona guidelines and deal with them on a daily basis. BioTeamAZ emergency center is available 24/7, and will answer all your questions. Working with your insurance company they will do the cleanup work quickly and professionally to allow you to get back to your life as soon as possible.

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