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Blood Cleanup

Blood is the liquid of life, an essential part of every mammal’s body. But outside our bodies, blood is considered a biohazard material because it contains pathogens that can cause diseases.

As anyone responsible for doing laundry knows – blood is almost impossible to clean up. When you hurt yourself as a kid but continued playing, when you finally took off your shoe, what remained was a sticky substance around your toe, in the sock and the shoe itself. If you won’t clean it up and disinfect it, flies will find it, and it will start to decompose and smell terrible. Now imagine a scene when there is much more blood than that.

Proper Blood Cleanup Ensures Nothing Is Left Behind

At home, in the workplace and even in the vehicle, protecting yourself from exposure to blood-borne pathogens should be the main concern. BioTeamAZ is a professional blood cleanup company that will make sure nothing is left behind. We clean, disinfect and dispose of biohazard materials, so you can go on with your life.

What Is A Proper Procedure Of Blood Cleanup?

The first and foremost concern is to protect those who come in contact with it and clean it up. The employees of BioTeamAZ cover their body with protective suits, wear masks to filter the air, and 2 layers of gloves. They remove the infected materials, disinfect the whole area, bag the remains and dispose of them the way the Federal government has mandated.

Why is BioTeamAZ Considered the Leading Blood Cleanup Company?

Because we have professional crews, who are stoic when faced with gruesome scenes, yet compassionate when dealing with family members. We have all the equipment needed and the permits to transport and dispose of biohazards. Years of experience and training have propelled them to the top of the list when unexpected and unfortunate accidents happen.

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