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Decomposition and Undiscovered Death Cleanup Company

It is a sad reality that sometimes people pass away and no one knows about it for days, weeks, or even months. In that time, a body decomposes and the resulting spilled blood and other bodily fluids must be cleaned up and the area restored.
What does death cleanup entail?

BioTeamAZ is always here, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for you whenever an unattended death is discovered on your property. What often happens when an unattended death occurs is the smell emitting from the home or apartment alerts people nearby to the fact that something has gone terribly wrong. At others, a concerned friend, family member or neighbor calls the police for a wellness check. When the first responders check on the person in question to make sure they are okay, the police find they have passed away without anyone knowing. The body has since started to decompose and after the police have conducted their investigation and the coroner removes the body, the decomposed blood and bodily fluids must be cleaned up by the property owner.

Decomposition is sped up with Arizona heat

In the high heat of Arizona, a body can start decomposing only 12 hours after someone has died. When the weather is cold and the room closed off to any outdoor insects, it can take longer, around 48-72 hours. Usually, flies are the first on the scene and will lay their eggs which then develop into larva and feed on the organic matter. What are left behind are biohazard materials and a terrible odor. The adult flies then travel to other parts of the property, taking the body fluids with them and infecting other areas. It is for this reason that an entire space around a decomposing body is considered hazardous.

Only Professionals Should Tackle Death Cleanup

After the body is removed, the resulting blood and bodily fluids must be cleaned up as well. Unfortunately, this is not something the police or other first responders are equipped to handle. Only a professional biohazard cleanup company experienced in such cleanups and licensed to handle blood and other bodily fluids should be cleaning the property. All body fluids, blood, and tissue are considered biohazardous materials and must be handled and disposed of according to strict local and Federal regulations. Without this professional knowledge and the appropriate licenses and permits to dispose of the material, the property owner can be held in legal liability for any future damages.

BioTeamAZ is the #1 Trusted Death Cleanup Company Throughout Arizona

Our staff at BioTeamAZ know what it takes to quickly and professionally clean out the entire affected property so you can rest assured the area is safe and the death odor is removed. With strong, industrial-grade cleaners and high-tech cleaning equipment, we dispose of all biohazardous waste then meticulously clean, sanitize, and disinfect all remaining surfaces. With our wealth of experience serving property owners and families throughout Arizona, we are experts on where bodily fluids may have traveled and the layers of building materials that may be infected with blood and other bodily fluids. Included in our cleanup is the removal of all the flies, larva, and the resulting odor. When we are finished, all traces of the biohazards will be removed so you are free to move forward.

We Work with Your Insurance

Our staff at BioTeamAZ understand that when dealing with an unattended death on your property, paperwork is one of the last things you want to deal with. We, therefore, will gladly work with your insurance carrier on your behalf. Most of our death cleanup services are covered by your insurance policy and so we send them all the documentation needed and file the claim on your behalf. With no money taken up front, we will answer any of the insurance company’s questions and make sure you get the service you deserve.

Have Any Questions?

BioTeamAZ is a company with extensive experience in crime scene cleanup, unattended death cleanup, biohazard transporting, and disposal. Call us today for a free estimate and consultation. Our staff always put you first and go the extra mile to make sure your property is safe to occupy.

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Central AZ (602) 770-4972 • Northern AZ (928) 203-6744 • Southern AZ (520) 333-6234

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