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Hazmat Cleanup vs. Biohazard Cleanup

If you’re in Arizona dealing with hazardous materials on your property, you need a fast and efficient solution to your problem. But who do you call to handle the resulting mess? What company knows how to remediate mold or clean up dangerous chemicals? Who knows the correct cleaning and disinfection techniques after someone has died and not been found for several days? To clean these types of dangerous materials, you need someone with experience in the specific situation you’re dealing with who has the right licenses and permits to transport the hazards.

Two Types of Cleaning Companies

If you search online for hazardous material cleanup, you will quickly find two types of cleanup companies: hazmat and biohazard. These terms, though often used interchangeably in the popular vernacular, are actually quite different with different specialties and licenses.

When To Use Biohazard Cleanup Companies

Biohazard cleanup companies are there to pick up the pieces in some of our darkest moments. From cleaning up after suicides and violent crime, to cleaning out hoarded homes and disinfecting properties infected with infectious diseases, biohazard cleanup companies know how to clean and disinfect any property contaminated with the following hazards:

  • Blood
  • Bodily fluids
  • Infectious diseases
  • Odors

To clean and disinfect any bodily fluid, a company must strictly follow all local and federal rules and regulations covering how a material is cleaned, what cleaners can be used, and how the resulting infected materials are transported and disposed of. Without hiring such a company, you can leave yourself open to legal liability if improper cleanup of the materials leads to someone becoming sick in the future. Instead, protect yourself and those you care about by hiring a professional company with a proven track record in high quality cleanup and compassionate customer service.

When To Use Hazmat Cleanup Companies

A hazmat cleanup company is there to help whenever you are dealing with situations involving hazardous materials that pose a threat to either people, animals or the environment but aren’t a body fluid. These materials can include:

  • Dangerous chemicals
  • Asbestos
  • Lead
  • Fuel
  • Oil
  • Nuclear waste products

When a hazmat team is cleaning an area, there are special cleaning techniques for the above materials that need to be stringently followed to make an area safe to enter afterward. Each type of hazard has specific containment needs and the company needs to be well-versed in what they are and how to address the resulting waste.

The Question To Ask Yourself

When you are dealing with a mess on your property and need specialty cleaners, the question you need to ask yourself is what hazardous material are you dealing with? Is it blood? A chemical spill? It could even be a combination of both. You need to have a good idea what you’re dealing with when deciding which kind of company to call.

If you’re dealing with any situation involving a material that is living now such as viruses and bacteria or something that once came out of a body such as bodily fluids or feces, then you need to call a biohazard cleanup company. Such companies have the right equipment to clean and disinfect the area then to remove the waste. Hazmat companies do not have this skill set or the required legal licenses. Even if the situation involves materials a hazmat company would cleanup, such as an industrial accident involving both blood and chemicals, check with the biohazard company. There can be overlap between the two types and the biohazard company may also be equipped to clean up chemicals. For example, many biohazard companies will also clean up fingerprint powder after a police investigation.

If you’re dealing with a situation involving a fuel spill or asbestos, then you need to call a hazmat company. Such businesses are well-equipped to efficiently handle dangerous materials both indoor and outdoor, know where the hazards can go and what it takes to remove them, and will get you back to business as usual as quickly as possible.

Make Sure You Hire The Right Company

Whatever your situation, with the health of both people and animals at stake, make sure you hire the correct type of company for your problem.

  • Read through the company’s website to make sure the material is one they regularly handle
  • Ask the company if they often work on cleaning up problems like yours
  • If the situation involves multiple hazards, make sure the company you hire can either handle them all with proficiency or will work with a company specializing in the material the first company doesn’t cover.

For many property owners and businesses, hazardous materials aren’t something often dealt with but when you know which kind of company you can rely on in times of need, you can keep moving forward no matter what happens.

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