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Arizona Hoarding Cleanup

Hoarding Cleanup Services

Hoarding creates significant clutter and impairs basic living activities such as mobility, housekeeping, showering or sleeping. At its worst, hoarding can cause fire hazards, disease from unsanitary conditions, vermin and insect infestations, and the risk of injury from tripping over possessions. The home becomes increasingly hazardous with time as more objects accumulate.

Secrecy, shame, and guilt can also part of this condition. People with hoarding behavior and their families tend to have few visitors. They typically hide the condition from relatives and friends. However, if the situation is not properly managed, it can lead to very dire consequences.

Hoarding and Clutter Cleanup

Hoarding cleanup is challenging work. People with hoarding behavior often find it difficult to part with their possessions. Various pressures to “change” the behavior from family and friends can result in friction that may last for years to come.

Clearing a hoarded living space can also be a hazardous undertaking because of the potential for mold and decay that may be lurking under the layers of stuff. Multiple types of health conditions can result from not wearing personal protection gear in a hoarded environment.

BioTeamAZ is the Most Professional Hoarder Cleanup Company in Arizona

It is sometimes unbelievable how many dumpsters of debris one house can contain. Having a professional service provider handle it for you will ensure that no clutter is left behind. To effectively manage the volume, items will be bagged, transported, and disposed of in a manner befitting potentially hazardous material. BioTeamAZ can assure the technicians and living space are properly protected resulting in a safer, healthier living environment. Call for your free hoarding cleanup estimate today

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