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Arizona Suicide Cleanup

It’s a terrible time in a family’s life, when they are suddenly confronted with a suicide of a loved one. After the police and crime scene investigators leave the area, family members are often faced with the task of cleaning the blood and body tissues left behind.

In those moments of distress and overwhelming cleanup, BioTeamAZ is here with compassionate and professional cleanup for those suffering a loss through suicide throughout Arizona. With a wealth of experience and technical know-how, we will handle all the cleanup and take the load off your shoulders, so you are free to grieve.

Why is suicide cleanup so difficult?

Aside from the horrendous emotional impact of any suicide, the family of the victim usually doesn’t plan to move out of the house where the suicide occurred. Knowing this, we always conduct every cleanup with the utmost respect and understanding to the people still living there. In addition, Federal regulations deem all body fluids and tissue to be a biohazard requiring knowledge, special safety handling procedures, and legal disposal of all biohazardous waste. Without these protections in place along with legal disposal, anyone cleaning up biohazards improperly can face hefty fines and legal liability for all resulting damage. Friends and family who volunteer to do the cleanup may also face emotional and physical trauma as a result. Protect yourself and others by hiring BioTeamAZ for safe and thorough Biohazard cleanup.

What does a suicide cleanup company do?

A suicide cleanup company comes into your home or business after a suicide takes place to clean up the entire area from top to bottom and ensure no blood or other body tissues are left behind to damage the structure, inflict further emotional pain, or spread diseases. With years of experience cleaning up after suicides throughout Arizona, we know that even a thumbnail spot of blood on the carpet might mean a two-foot diameter pool of blood underneath on the padding or in the floorboards. In time, this damages the building, produces a foul odor, and can make other people sick.

We start the suicide cleanup process by assessing the space for what tools are needed then begin cleaning from top to bottom: ceilings, walls, light fixtures, then the furniture and flooring. Knowing every small spot is a potential source of infection, we make sure all biohazards are fully removed and the entire area thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.

Professional licensed, bonded, and insured, BioTeamAZ has walked with numerous families after a suicide to make sure their property is clean and fully restored. With unmarked vehicles and plain uniforms, we keep a low profile so prying eyes are kept at bay and your privacy is protected.

Why BioTeamAZ is the best choice

BioTeamAZ is the best company throughout Arizona for suicide cleanup. With a stellar reputation for reliability, customer service, and quality cleanup, we will scrub, disinfect, bag, and remove all remnants of the tragedy. With our wealth of experience working with different biohazard materials, our trained professionals work as quickly and quietly as they can so you can focus on your family and friends. Though stoic when facing gut-wrenching physical remains, we are also caring and sensitive to the suffering of the family.

As a local Arizona company, we at BioTeamAZ greatly value the trust you place in us. Your peace of mind is important to us, so the highest quality of service is our guarantee each and every time. Every member of our staff strictly follows all the rules and regulations set forth by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), along with all Arizona rules and regulations.

Property insurance covers the cost of suicide cleanup

Most property insurance policies cover the cost of a professional biohazard cleaning company conducting the cleanup after someone commits suicide. While you will need to check your specific policy on what it covers, we will take charge of documenting all the damage and filing the claim on your behalf, so you don’t need to worry about any of the paperwork during this difficult time.

Contact BioTeamAZ today for suicide cleanup in Arizona

If you have lost a loved one to suicide and need quality suicide cleanup, BioTeamAZ is here to help. Available any time of day or night, we can come clean, sanitize, and disinfect at a moment’s notice. Whether you have questions, need a free quote and consultation, or simply need the task handled so you can focus on your loved ones, we are here to go the extra mile and ensure you are able to grieve in a safe place. Give us a call today.

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