What Spill Kits Are Used For?

Even under the strictest adherence to safety guidelines, hazardous material may spill or leak.  Spill kits are general clean-up kits designed to contain everything you need to safely clean up and remove a particular chemical, biohazardous material or substance.

Spill kits are usually kept prepared and ready in a variety of factories, retail outlets, warehouses, and cleaning services to handle dangerous materials such as:

  • Battery Acid & Other Corrosives
  • Blood & Other Bodily Fluids
  • Oil, Gasoline, & Other Flammables

Though many spill kits may contain directions for properly disposing of the material in question or information on handling possible fumes or airborne contamination, as a general rule, the kit itself only contains the required safety equipment and materials to clean and contain the spill.

There are also spill kits designed for use in a body of water – such a pool, river, lake, or even the ocean.  These generally consists of specialized materials that absorb surface-level contaminates on top of the water, such as oil, that floats for collection. Click here to learn how to use a spill kit

What A Spill Kit May Contain?

Spill kits are generally very specific to a single or group of similar chemicals or substances.  However, spill kits normally contain the following at minimum:

  • Step-by-step information on using every component of the spill kit.
  • Personal protective equipment, such as goggles, gloves, face masks, and disposable smocks.
  • Hazard warning signs to display in order to inform others of the danger associated with the spill.
  • A neutralizer, such as baking soda to neutralize acid.
  • An absorbent material such as sawdust or absorbent pads.
  • A bag and/or bucket to contain the material.
  • Special treatments or cleaners to use on the area the spill occurred in.
  • Disposable or paper cleaning towels.

Larger kits may contain their own disposable dustpans, brooms, and mops, as well.

Professional Cleaning Services In Arizona

If you do not have a spill kit available for a particular hazardous material, or lack information on properly cleaning the spill, contact a professional cleaning and sanitation service.  BioteamAZ has a professionally trained staff to deal with all manners of hazardous material cleanup, and are capable of producing the best results for cleaning, decontamination and sanitation in the Tucson, Scottsdale, and Phoenix areas as well as the entire state of Arizona. Contact us today for quick, hassle-free hazardous material removal.