Who Is Responsible For Cleaning Up After A Murder

Though it is not unheard of for law enforcement officials to clean the area for a variety of official reasons, as a general rule, they do not shoulder that responsibility.  Likewise, an old-wives-tale holds that the person responsible for committing the act of murder is held accountable for cleaning the crime scene by court ruling – this is also untrue.

When a murder is committed, the area is usually sealed off until an investigation can be completed by law enforcement officials – then the body is removed.  That is where most police and investigators’ involvement with the scene ends.  Often, a gruesome scene is left behind to be cleaned by whoever owns the property.

Who Cleans Up After Murders

There is truly no cut-and-dry rules or laws that states who carries the responsibility of cleaning up after a murder.  You may consider yourself responsible for cleaning if you are one of the following:

  • The Homeowner – If a murder has occurred in a home that you own, either as the occupant or landlord, it will likely be your responsibility to clean up after the murder.
  • The Business-Owner – Likewise, if you are the owner of a business property on which a murder has occurred, the responsibility may fall on you.
  • The Next Of Kin – If your loved one has been murdered in their own home, a realtor will most likely refuse to purchase the property until you have had it thoroughly cleaned.
  • A Public Entity – If a murder has occurred on public property, it is usually the responsibility of the local, municipal, or other government office to take care of the clean-up.

As a general rule, whoever possesses the deed and rights to the property on which a murder has occurred is solely responsible for clean-up efforts.

Crime Scene Clean Up Services In Phoenix, Arizona

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