Animal Control Isn’t Offering Much Help?

As you may have already learned, animal control will only come out if the animal poses an immediate threat and unfortunately they don’t consider a dead animal a threat. Dead animals, or even animal fecal matter, can not only cause unbearable smells, it can also spread harmful pathogens which should be avoided at all costs. If you want to completely remove the awful smell that’s caused by the dead animal, it is also very important that all bodily fluids or contaminated materials be removed and the area be decontaminated or else the smell will continue to linger long after the animal carcass is removed.

So Who Removes Dead Animals From Homes?

Well, there are probably a dozen different animal or pest control services within your area and many of them may offer animal removal services. Unfortunately, many of these companies aren’t experienced with and/or don’t have the equipment necessary to thoroughly decontaminate the area. For best results, it’s advised to contact a biohazardous cleanup company who is authorized by the state to remove and dispose of biohazardous materials. Unfortunately, it is typically very difficult to determine if the dead animal was in contact with or carried any pathogens that are harmful to humans, and therefore every situation should be handled with caution to avoid coming in contact with potentially lethal pathogens.

Need An Animal Removed From Your Home?

If you live in the Phoenix, Scottsdale, or Tucson areas and you’re dealing with a situation involving a dead animal that’s stinking up your home, then give BioteamAZ a call today to have our certified technicians restore your home to its original state. We’re certified in the state of Arizona for the safe removal and disposal of biohazardous materials including animal carcasses or any other potentially harmful materials.

Give us a call and eliminate that awful smell from your home today.